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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  .....from Hamlet by Shakespeare



October 2017



Our coming book, co-authored by Macro-analyst Richard Spitzer and me, “Our Choice – Extinction or Evolution” is being edited and prepared for publication, most likely by November. We are generating a lot of interest in our effort, which we feel is so timely in light of the many crises that we are all confronting today. Our research not only highlights the challenges, but sees ahead into the future with solutions and ideas that are beginning now and are likely to “take off” in the not-too-distant future.  I will keep my readers posted!

Important Points of Reference for Astrologers:

Full Moon at 12 degrees Aries opposition Mercury and semi-sextile Neptune with Venus conjunct Mars on Oct. 5; New Moon opposition Uranus and inconjunct Chiron on Oct. 19th; Venus and Mars in Virgo are square Saturn Oct. 8 – 11; Mars is inconjunct Uranus Oct. 16; Venus is opposition Chiron Oct 11; Mars is opposition Chiron Oct 16; Mercury is square Pluto on Oct. 9; Venus is square Pluto Oct. 27; The Lunar Nodes are trine and sextile Saturn Oct 7 – 12; Mercury is trine Neptune Oct. 24; Jupiter goes into Scorpio Oct. 11 and is transiting there until Nov. 8, 2018.

Neptune vs. Saturn: The United States of Fantasy vs The United States of Reality:

(I use the horoscope for the USA Sibley Chart:  July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA)

The U.S.A has been going through a series of crises for many years associated with our national “identity,” where we are going, and who we really are – our historical past and our present condition.  Currently, our progressed Sun is in Pisces with transiting Neptune conjunct it, square the Ascendant/Descendant axis.  This symbolizes confusion, distraction, escapism, flooding (literally), drug addiction; altogether pointing to a nation that has lost its way.   At the same time, transiting Saturn (the structure of the current reality) is square our natal Neptune (dreams and imagination).    Fantasies abound - like “the American Dream”, “equal” opportunity, endless consumption fed by the notion that the economy should be one of “endless growth”, and that climate change is a “myth.” This “spin” is now being challenged as we are being hit by huge fires in the West and mega-hurricanes on our coasts, enormous discrepancies in wealth and opportunity, our failures to provide affordable health care, and unsustainable debt being incurred by young people just to finance their education and survive in this supposedly “equal” opportunity country.  Neptune rules fantasy, drug addiction, escapism, sleep and dreams.  It also can be a planet of spiritual seekers, artists, and inspiration.  Too often, it presents the former rather than the latter and this is one of these eras in our history.

Saturn is the planet of order, structure, limitation and boundaries.   Although we may rebel against authorities, whether they be scientists or people with expertise in their fields, running away from the looming issues of our times only makes them grow bigger and bigger until everything is dissolved, including our coastlines, our homes, our economies, our public health, our nation itself.  The other part of this Saturn encounter is that we no longer trust the political establishment since they have “sold us out for forty pieces of Wall Street” long ago.  Thus, Saturn’s message to us would be to “grow up” and take responsibility for making informed and careful decisions about the realities we need to face.  Otherwise, the next morning when the party is over, somebody else will make our decisions for us that we really, truly will not like.  Until we face the situation we are in today, we will be unable to envision something much more inspiring for our collective future.

The reality is that there are two economies.  One represents about 10 per cent of the American population that are benefiting, with the upper 1% far outpacing the rest of humanity around the world.  Their job is to inflate securities, erase jobs, fight for “tax breaks” on the billions of dollars they control, so that the infrastructures for the public-at-large are reduced or destroyed completely.  The “other” economy incudes the majority who are losing access to health care, education, and even a safe and clean environment.  These people are unemployed, underemployed, losing wages and a supportive infrastructure so they might possibly achieve something.   Ultimately, the system itself is headed toward collapse, but those at the top of this global Plutocracy are so arrogant and separated from the rest of humanity, they are truly blind to these probabilities.  We have currently a billionaire president and Republican Congress who are working for tax breaks for the rich and working to defund health coverage for the poor and middle class.  Pres. Trump has threatened war with No. Korea and Iran in his speech last month at the U.N. bringing prices for shares in the weapons and airplanes industries.  Former President Obama is busy collecting $400,000 for each speech he makes to the Wall Street firms, which  never punished for their legal offenses while he was in office.  Both political parties are “complicit” in all the schemes to benefit the 1% and defund the all the rest.

The exception to all this is the ever-crusading Sen. Bernie Sanders, who presented his single-payer health care plan last month.  It will not get passed now, but it is a start and will be a template for future debates and discussions.   Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports this effort and is a force to be reckoned with.  There are other Democrats who have signed on, but so much of the Democratic establishment is clueless about their direction and is hanging onto their millionaire supporters.

My take is that both political parties are in trouble.  Most Americans are now registered as “independent,” for good reason.  The coming conjunctions of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in 2020 will turn the tide.  There may be a new political party formed, or one of the two will drastically change their core direction.  Planets going into Aquarius in the 2020s will present us with a very different perspective on the environment, economies, and societies.  My coming book, “Our Choice – Extinction or Evolution” with my co-author, data analyst Richard Spitzer, will clarify the current scenario and present possible and probable solutions to the looming problems of our times.  Stay Tuned!

The Economy:

Between this month and December, Saturn reaches the Galactic Center, a placement that has historically corresponded with crashes and/or corrections in financial markets. Jupiter transits into Scorpio Oct 11th (and is in this sign until Nov. 8, 2018), highlighting concerns about inflation, especially connected to energy.  This transit suggests that those in power will intervene to modify the sell-off in the stock market.  This intervention to prop things up will be clear when Jupiter is sextile Pluto in Capricorn in January 2018.  Between 2019 and 2020, their ability to prop up the economy will run into difficulty.

Real estate will continue a national decline this month, as both Venus and Mars are square Saturn between Oct. 6th and 11th.  Bubbles are breaking in Canada and in high end areas of the U.S. where prices literally went through the roof. 

Last month, it was revealed that credit company, Equifax, was hacked and the personal identification and financial information of 143 million people (about half the population of the U.S.) was stolen.  Class action suits are being generated against this company and the government is looking into it.  The  inherent dangers that lurk within internet transactions that can result in identity theft and all its consequences are now showing up.  The all-digital economy is posing risks for which we are not prepared. The square of Saturn to Neptune (reality vs. fantasy) is being driven home.  More scandals within the financial world lie ahead.

Other Nations:

No. Korea and Iran were highlighted in Pres. Trump’s address to the United Nations last month, containing warnings about their nuclear weapons capabilities and threats of war.  Trump’s Mars was hit by the August Solar Eclipse and I have been predicting his tendency to threaten war.  Transiting Mars in Virgo is hitting the charts of the Koreas.  I doubt these governments are going to back down and I have grave concerns about military activities expanding within these nations.    Mars goes into Libra Oct. 23rd and will be in this sign through Dec. 8th.  It goes over the Natal Saturn and progressed retrograde Mars in the chart of the U.S.A.  This “amps up” tendencies to get ourselves into military engagements that we will have cause of regret.  Between Oct. 8th and 9th, Mercury in Libra will square Pluto, activating China’s Chart and forcing them to confront the dangers in No. Korea.

Myanmar (Burma) has burned down the villages of their Rohingya people (Muslims) and forced 400,000 refugees into exile.  This is viewed as “ethnic cleansing” and is part of the mass divisiveness and ethnic and religious hatreds infecting so much of the world.  I doubt that anyone will intervene on behalf of these displaced people.

Mexico suffered two major earthquakes last month and the dangers continue into October with the transits of Venus and Mars in Virgo, square to Saturn.  Pres. Trump’s rhetoric against immigrants and threats to “build a wall” on the border re-emerge this month.

Final Thoughts:

As we navigate our way through an ocean of uncertainty and confusion, we may stop, look around, and decide we do not recognize what our country has become.  We seem to be a nation whose deity is “mechanistic materialism”; a nation of marketers that will go to any lengths for profits; a society whose leaders, bought and sold by the “Robber Barons” have abandoned any pretense of serving the needs of the people-at-large.

Many of us are old enough to remember respected statesmen, journalists, and activists who projected a dignity, intelligence, and commitment to a better society for all.  We now look around at young people buried in their smart phones, walking down the streets looking at nothing but their apps.  So many people seem not to care at all about what is happening all around them; only caring about their immediate gratifications, entertainments, and appetites.  I hear, far too frequently, from my clients and friends who are college professors, how so many students walk into class texting, ignore their assignments, have no “work ethic” and complain about not getting an A or B in their courses.  Our society has created a “spectator” generation buried in a virtual reality.  Obviously, there are exceptions to this and there are a coterie of geniuses, idealists, and persons who devote themselves to serving those in need all who stand out as notable exceptions.  These “exceptions” give me hope for the future since I have observed that it is always a committed and inspired “few” who influence the course of history.

The question is this.  Are you the “typical” or are you in the ranks of the “few”?  Looking around the world at failed states, climate catastrophes, millions of refugees escaping from civil wars and famines, terrorism spreading like a virus across the world, and too many people choosing to ignore the landscape before them, I cannot and will not run away from these truths.  Tapping into the light of a universal consciousness and a wisdom that transcends our obstructed psyches, I feel a passion and conviction that the solutions and the inspirations are awaiting us.  We quite simply need to make the choice.  What will you choose?

Stay tuned.


Linda Schurman




"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part,  I am willing to know the whole truth;  to know the worst;  and to provide for it."  .....Patrick Henry


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