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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

June 2016

"Don't count the days... Make the days count"

                                               Muhammad Ali.... (Rest In Peace)


.Important Points of Reference
(for Astrologers):

New Moon at 14 degrees Gemini in a grand cross with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune on June 5;  Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius is on June 20;   Mercury is opposition this Full Moon position June 29;   Mars retrograde in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries June 18 through June 23 (goes direct June 29);   North Node is trine Pluto June 11;   Jupiter is trine Pluto on June 26;   Mercury goes into Gemini June 13 and hits opposition with Saturn and square Neptune on June 20 and is square Jupiter on June 22.




Gemini the Twins, Multiple Personality Syndrome, and the Chart of the USA:

(Note:  I use the Sibley Chart for the USA which is July 4, 1776, 5:10 PM LMT, Philadelphia, PA.)

Welcome to the show!  The name on the marquee is: “Springtime for Trump” whose birthday is June 14, 1946 10:50 AM in Queens, NY.  The play has some backers, namely the shape-shifting Don himself, who displays an array of personalities popping up and down the political spectrum of so-called conservative and/or liberal and/or positions that change from hour to hour.  Those who oppose him suffer “death by confusion” or, as a prominent Republican recently said (when the choice narrowed to Trump or Cruz) we may have a choice between gunshot or poison. 

The only consistent message from this loudest of communicators is: we should get rid of undocumented immigrants, Muslims, the “families of terrorists”, and any other suspicious foreign invaders of dubious origin.  He claims China is ruining us because of bad deals.  (Remember, it was American banks and corporations who made those deals with China.  Trump’s clothing line is made in China.)  Included in all this “mix” is the proposed building of the Great Wall of Trump between the U.S. and Mexico, paid for by Mexicans.  His greatest cheering group of fans are members of the Ku Klux Klan who agree with this one and only consistent message.

He also loves to shape-shift into his Commander in Chief persona who promises to whip the nations of the Middle East “with all those terrorists” into shape.  He reminds us he went to a military school in his teens.  This is because he was such a “behavioral problem” in school, he was threatened with expulsion.  His father installed him there as a last resort. In addition to all this, we need only be reminded of his multiple evasions of the draft during the Vietnam war.  Many are of the opinion that he could be a serious threat to global security with a military bullying persona with no real substance or experience dealing with the terrifying consequences (nuclear war).  Trump is certainly a major contrast to our current crop of military men and women who are serving with courage and valor abroad.  It is rumored that many members of the Pentagon in Washington would resign should he become President.

He is also very sly and clever.  He has introduced positions that many people now like such as: taxing the rich (although he withdrew from that about two hours after stating it), get rid of off-shoring of jobs and taxes, stop the banksters and Wall Street by taxing transactions (although his latest financial adviser, a hedge fund guy, is a former Vice Pres. at Goldman Sachs), break up all these so-called trade agreements, and, all in all “make America great again”.

According to New York Times article May 13th, 2016 ( article; “Donald Trump and the Art of the Tax Loophole”, “he is leaving out his own massive “escape taxation” tactics for real estate developers who can take advantage of a provision known as Section 1031 to “swap” a piece of real estate that they are ready to part with for one that they would like to add to their portfolio -- all tax free.  There is no limit on how many “swaps” they can make, deferring capital gains taxes indefinitely.  If an investor dies holding appreciated properties, the heirs can sell the real estate and pay no taxes on the gain in value.”  The article went on to reveal  Trump’s tax loopholes hit a “hole-in’one” in 2005 where he got a $39.1 Million tax deduction for donating a conservation easement on a New Jersey golf course, restricting any further development on the property and installed goats on two of his New Jersey golf courses as part of a plan to get them designated as agricultural properties, thereby vastly lowering his property taxes.  I am sure this is appreciated by all the New Jersey homeowners who pay property taxes that are among the highest in the nation. He has refused to submit his tax returns to the public because they are undergoing an “audit”.

Folks in New Jersey may also remember all the layoffs at the N.J. shore when his casinos declared bankruptcy multiple times and he simply proclaimed this as “using the system”.  He probably  does not care about this at all since he has Mars conjunct his Leo ascendant.  He is “all about ME” all the way and will do whatever it takes, say whatever it takes, stoop to whatever level it takes to serve himself (oops! To make America great again ).

Many of his so-called, temporary, subject-to-change positions are similar to Bernie Sanders (the service-to-others Virgo) who has been very very consistent all along the way and is still remaining in the race in spite of the Hillary Machine (wrestling with the unauthorized use of her private email server for affairs of State), who has the most delegates.  Trump knows that national polls show Sanders would beat him in the election in the Fall, so why not adopt Sanders as one of his multiple personalities? 

All of this is resulting in the massive fracturing of the Republican Party.  Most of the old guard look like they have been struck by lightening and many have decided not to support “their candidate”.   Others are swallowing their tongues and chokingly supporting the now uncontested nominee.  We in the astrological community would refer to this as being hit by Uranus where the Sun don’t shine, right in the Pluto.

The natal chart of the U.S.A. contains Mars (aggression) and Uranus (innovation and disruption) in Gemini (communication), with Mars square its Neptune (illusion and deception).  These configurations all connect with the Don’s chart and reveal our nation’s own historic tendencies and divisive inconsistencies that have haunted us from the get-go. We worship the “rich and famous” and their glamorous lives portrayed on the media and we are addicted to television, laptops and smart phones most of our waking hours. The greatest modern innovations in communication, i.e. Television and the Internet are Trump’s real estate (in addition to his hotels, of course).

The mainstream media simply can’t let go of him as he is their multiple personality disorder for profit only, their “ratings” dream-come-true, immersed in commercials and with no worthwhile content whatsoever to enlighten or inform the viewer.  When I ask people how they could possibly vote for Trump, their answer is twofold.  They hate politicians and Washington insiders. They say he “tells it as it is”.  I respond by asking them if they would hire a plumber to perform brain surgery on them.  I also ask them “just how does he tells it as it is, when the “is” shifts from one day to the next”.  In addition, how does a narcissist billionaire exhibit one shred of evidence that he cares one bit at any time of his life about the rest of us?

Trump’s chart continues to show his ongoing triumphs in the primaries, until too many planets go into Virgo in August and he will face multiple squares to his planets in Gemini, Saturn going direct, and “the devil that is in the details”. The one thing that would “do him in” is a video or recording of him expressing contempt for the American voter. 

Many of my clients have asked me if the planetary patterns now resemble those when the Third Reich arose in Germany.  My answer is “yes”.  Uranus was transiting Aries in the 1930s and was square Pluto, just as it has most recently.  This has been an ongoing topic in my books and newsletters.  My advice: take note of this!  These are gravely serious times.


The Economy:

Watch Mercury, which is now direct, opposition retrograde Mars on June 9th as something “slips out” involving more bank fraud, bad news for financial markets, and more fossil fuel environmental disasters.  Last month, Shell Oil spilled 90,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and this month will assess costs to clean it up.  The Saturn/Neptune square returns this month showing a temporary dip in oil prices even though they have been rising recently.  Saudi Arabia now has a new Minister of Oil who is likely to make an attempt to shift their oil pumping policies this month.  The mutable square between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter is hit by Venus (currency) and Mercury (communication) this month, all point to major fluctuations and uncertainty in markets to the extreme.  The week of June 13th actually looks positive for financial markets since the North Node and Jupiter are trine Pluto.  June 20th contains a full moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius, a “selling” degree plus Mercury opposed Saturn and square Neptune (bad news). The Feds may actually raise interest rates this month but the markets now expect this.     Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory, is threatened with bankruptcy and financial collapse of their bonds.  Our Congress may offer a meager “bail-out” that is not enough and will leave the people there without vital infrastructure financing.

Gold and silver have shown a tendency to rise in recent months and The Cartel has taken out enormous short positions to counter this.  They have successfully lowered prices.  In spite of their efforts, the metals will eventually strengthen.  My theory: I think the banksters and the “dark government” financial controllers’ long-term plan is to have a global currency all of which is electronic.  They are scheming to move anything real and concrete like cash or gold out of the equation.  All of this means the powers-that-be could”erase” anybody, person or institution, at will.  It could mean the removal of privacy, personal financial transactions, any forms of economic safety plays, and personal choices out of our lives.  We all need to know about, recognize, and consider these intentions.  Some people who are in the know about this are calling this the “global financial reset”.  This is a term, like many others, that is sanctified and sanitized (like tax “inversions”) so that people will not object to being financially “taken over”.

We now know that tax payer money that went into “saving” the too-big-to-fail banks in 2008 went into the giant derivatives pool instead of being reinvested in the economy.   Last year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren reported to a Senate Banking Committee (March 3, 2015):  “During the financial crisis, Congress bailed out the big banks with hundred of billions of dollars in taxpayer money; and that’s a lot of money.  But the biggest money for the biggest banks was never voted on by Congress.  Instead, between 2007 and 2009, the Fed provided over $13 Trillion in emergency lending to just a handful of large financial institutions.  That’s nearly 20 times the amount authorized in the TARP bailout.” The Fed fought a court battle for years to keep this information from the public.  Bloomberg News finally won this battle and released the news.  I ask you, how many news stations on television released this information to the public?

Deutche Bank seems to be having a significant derivatives crisis and has recently confessed to having manipulated gold and silver markets for years.  Insiders in the U.S. know very well how fast these trillions of notional dollars (currently insured by the FDIC) could go down the algorithmic digital drain.  They see that the debt to GDP of the U.S. (currently over 70%) and other nations (even worse) is unsustainable and multiple currencies inflating into worthlessness is a high probability (i.e. The Weimar Republic).  We have already spent over $3 Trillion on the Iraq War, which sum is currently rising since that nation is now, once again, falling apart.  As I predicted in earlier newsletters, we have increased our presence in Iraq and Syria.


Other Nations:

China will enter the IMF's SDR components in October with their currency being potentially backed by the enormous amount of gold they have been buying steadily for years.  Their markets are in trouble again this month as Mars is back in Scorpio where it was in January.  They have monumental problems with pollution of air and water.  They have also incurred enormous debts buying oil rich real estate all over the world, buying water from North America (since their nation’s aquifers are drying up), and financing real estate in cities that are unoccupied.  The Chinese are very secretive about all this since the government there still controls both the press and the economy.

The charts of India and Pakistan are hit heavily this month.  They face economic problems and environmental issues; not to speak of their ongoing feud with each other.  Leadership changes could help both of these nations, and Pakistan may be moving toward this turnover.  India, apparently, is renewing their historic economic alliance with Iran.

The European Union is in trouble with the news about “Grexit” and “Brexit” which could lead to many other nations’ consideration of backing out.  Portugal, Spain, and Italy are nearly bankrupt and have been “hanging by a thread” for the past couple of years.  I think the UK will remain in the Union for the time being.

Brazil and Venezuela are now officially disasters as are many other commodity dominated Central and South American nations.  This region, similar to African nations, are victims of extremely low oil prices and Western Economic Hit Men who bribe their governments to borrow money in the national treasury to pay for coal, oil, gas, and mineral infrastructures for their corporations that destroy native economies, plunge the nations into unsustainable debt, and lay waste to their environment.

The Middle East presents us with a region of failed states, the largest one being Syria, that are overwhelming the resources of other states that are ruled by dictators and monarchs.  Ancient feuds between Sunni and Shia Muslims are spreading everywhere in the region.  Recent revelations have let the “cat out of the bag” about Saudis being the majority attackers of the U.S. on 9/11.  We have had a long alliance with Saudi Arabia, which has included their sucking huge amounts of water out of the already depleted aquifers in Arizona and shipping it to their desert nation.  Last month, the Senate passed a bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.  All this is severely straining our alliance with this nation.  This month, Iraq’s current government will likely collapse and a new one will have to be formed or they will be a failed state.  The only good news is that more recently Al Qaeda and ISIS are now fighting with each other and these two savage terror groups may be committing mutual self-destruction. 

I think this is a period for investors to be on the sidelines.  Even though The Cartel is shorting the metals holding down prices, Gold and silver are safety plays for the time being.  


Weather, Travel, the Environment and Natural Events:

The huge tornadoes, flooding, and high winds bringing weird weather in so many locations, continues this month, especially June 3rd through the 12th.  Scientists reported last month that April had the warmest global temperature on record.  Extremes have become the “norm”.  It was recently reported that U.S. Beekeepers lost 44% of their honey bee colonies in 2015. More reports will likely come out this month pointing to humanity as an “invasive species” that has altered the global climate and created a toxic chemical environment.  Last month, I issued a travelers’ advisory for May 16th through the 22nd, during which time the Egyptian airliner crashed.  I have a concern this month between June 5th and 9th.

Final Thoughts:

As an antidote to what we might call “cultural amnesia”, I would suggest revisiting cultural anthropologist Jared Diamond’s book: “Guns Germs and Steel” in which he brilliantly examines why empires and nations fall and go out of existence.  Invaders with superior weaponry and diseases to which natives have no immunity such as when Europeans invaded the Americas, are legendary and account for the disappearance of the civilizations that resided here before.  The Europeans retained little or nothing from the native societies and instead adopted an “extermination” policy so that much of the wisdom and practical knowledge they may have possessed is all but erased from history.

Some civilizations, such as the Easter Islanders, may have erased themselves by using up their resources until they could no longer survive in their location.  The Maya may have overpopulated their areas, overused their resources and dissolved in a cyclical long-term drought which drove them into killing each other in an attempt to appease their gods.  Climate change has been a factor throughout history and pre-history.

All together, radical jolts in circumstances beyond a society’s ability to adjust has accounted for its destruction over and over again.  Today, as before, another major factor is really bad leadership.  Elites with too much money and power seem to consider most human beings and their lives “disposable”.  With modern communication and technology, we could amend this, change our leaders, and correct our course.  Endless greed, growth and consumption will take us down the path of destruction and we need to wake up to this reality.

We could construct our salvation by moving in the direction of a new civilization based upon caring, sharing and sustainability.  Otherwise, we will be victims of our own “cultural amnesia”, ostrich tendencies, and self absorbed self-destruction that could be the end of us.

We have the choice to make, both as individuals and as members of the human race. A wondrous power lays awaiting in the corners of the collective unconscious wherein lies a multitude of grand solutions.  Kindly, turn on the lights! 


Linda Schurman



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Jack is a long time friend of ours. In fact my husband Dick attended Jack's 4th birthday party. Dick was 4 as well.

We have read this book and plan to gift it to our grandchildren. It can be purchased at Amazon.

Developing and incorporating some or all of the well presented techniques into your everyday habits is genuinely life-enhancing at all stages of life.

Jack is eminently qualified to have authored this book. He ranks among the most accomplished people we know. He learned, used, and mastered networking techniques along his impressive career path.

This man "walks the walk". He's a good guy.



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 “My Near-Life Experience - How do I  know when I am really me?”

 By Veronica Entwistle


“My Near-Life Experience” is a book that once you start it, you can’t put it down.  The author’s touching and poignantly honest journal of her exceptional life as an intuitive is also an historic accounting of the fascinating consciousness expanding movement of the 60s and 70s and where this work is going on today.  Veronica’s constant companion is compassion, as she travels throughout the world, extending help and support wherever she goes.  Along the way, her personal tragedies are seen by her as the steps we all must take in life to grow, both emotionally and spiritually.  Most importantly, she also traverses the inner world, converses with those “departed”, and courageously stands in her truth as she develops a career in the media, interviewing people who are also travelers sharing their journeys into greater realities.  I was alternately fascinated, moved, and inspired by Veronica’s story and can’t wait until her next book.  This is a must read.  You can buy this book at

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