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Important Points of Interest to Astrologers

Sept. 13th Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo; Sept. 28th, Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries; Mercury retrograde in Libra Sept. 16th (through Oct. 9th) square Pluto from the 9th through the 26th; Sept. 6th Venus goes direct in Leo inconjunct Pluto and will trine Uranus on the 23rd, Mars in Leo will trine Uranus on Sept. 9th and will enter Virgo on the 26th conjunct Jupiter; Jupiter will be opposition Neptune on the 17th.  Saturn will enter Sagittarius Sept. 19th; and will square Mars and Jupiter on the 26th.

The Mercury/Pluto Square - "  You can't fool all of the people all of the time."  Abraham Lincoln

Since the 2008 stock market collapse triggered by the deregulated "too big to fail" banks, the public has been informed that by using taxpayers money to prop up the TBTF banks and bail out the entities that "financialized" the worthless sub-prime mortgages and sold them to nations that recently are near collapse and who have created derivative contracts in the realm of over $800 Trillion worldwide, we saved our economy and have been in a "recovery" ever since.

Meanwhile, real unemployment is around 22%, the billionaires are still off-shoring jobs and taxes, and wages have fallen. Agriculture and water supplies are threatened by a mega-drought in the Western U.S.  Scientists are measuring and publishing facts pointing to a global climate crisis due to massive use of carbon fuels and pollution in our earth, air, and water that is behind what climate scientists are calling the "Sixth Great Extinction".  Even more outrageous is the fact that even  though oil prices are low, oil companies are preparing to drill in the Arctic that is currently experiencing a melt-down.

China's stock market crashed in July and they devalued their currency in August after which the Dow went down about 1000.  The markets bounced back, but we are obviously in a period of uncertainty and volatility, in the midst of a major global currency crisis, and bond markets are being threatened by unsustainable debt.  No "recovery" here.  We have simply been "kicking the can down the road" and the can is arriving at the road's end.

Mercury, the ancient messenger of the Gods, has been seriously subverted and abused by a corporate controlled mass media that has contrived to destroy our brain cells and all critical thinking.  Instead we are programmed to consume products endlessly that we can no longer afford, and raise  t.v. ratings by watching tabloid shows and political commentary that threatens to "flat line" any possibility of conscious thought.  The squares he makes to Pluto this month  (between the 10th and the 24th) and again on Oct. 23rd,  will likely result in a significant scandal in Washington, fears on Wall Street, and a look into the "dark side" of the global financial giants.  This Mercury/Pluto square will land on the U.S. Saturn in Libra square the U.S. Sun in Cancer, and bring in the Supreme Court, whose decisions are the final ones.  The people-at-large will finally be looking at the truth and it isn't pretty.


The "Real" Economy:

The Mercury/Pluto square lands squarely on China's Sun in Libra, exposing their inadequate leadership and phony economy that has fallen off the cliff.  They have depended upon selling their products abroad cheaply because of their low wage workers who migrated into their cities from the farms.  Their labor force cannot afford to buy these products, so as the global economy is drying up, their profits are in a major decline even though they have devalued their currency multiple times.

China's decisions followed the recent model set up by the U.S. that outsourced their labor to cheap wages abroad and thus destroyed the middle class consumer in America.  The upper level management of these corporations raked in profits until their consumers declined since they are now unemployed or employed at an unsustainable low wage.  People with money in China have gone on a real estate investment rampage, building a whole city that is unoccupied and buying up buildings and properties all over the world.  (Do we remember Japan in the 1980s?)  By the way, China still owns a considerable number of U.S. Treasuries.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the Ponzi schemes of massive government debts ( the people with real wealth have escaped taxation and the rest have too little money to tax), real estate bubbles, overpriced stocks,  commodity prices (especially oil) on a worldwide basis are all collapsing and hundreds of trillions of dollars attached to derivative contracts are disappearing.  The global elite billionaires have been buying up buildings in major cities throughout the world.  New York City presents real estate prices at an all-time high and rents are so elevated, the middle class has virtually left the city.  This has happened in Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, London, and other great cities throughout the world.  Meanwhile, commodity nations like Russia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Venezuela are in free-fall.

The eclipse this month at 20 degrees of Virgo hits the U.S. Neptune, and will uncover a multitude of scandals, lies, and deceptions.  Venus going direct in Leo on Sept. 6th and Mercury going retrograde on the 17th, will set us up for a "blame game" that will be a field day for all the presidential candidates.  Both political parties are to blame for creating an economy that, since the 1980s, has been thrown into a gladiatorial arena.   

The real bottom line is that there is no economy without jobs.  Jobs are being eliminated by technology and those that are left do not paying a living wage.  We have returned to the times when royals or dictators controlled most of the wealth and enslaved most of their people.  Books are being written about the "end of jobs" , but few people are really listening.  We need new economic models.  We need creative thinkers who care about real people.  The old Socialism vs. Capitalism debate needs to be replaced because neither one actually works.  We need to stop talking about the inevitability of robots and computers replacing people, the modern equivalent  of worshiping "the golden calf".  These things are dead!  We are alive! (or so we think).

Foreign Relations:

This month's eclipse and Jupiter in Virgo activate No. Korea and we have already had a border military "scare" there with leaders of both No. Korea and So. Korea having meetings.  No. Korea is controlled by a military dictator who has recently been killing off those nearest to him in power and nobody knows what he will do next.  I am concerned about violence and military activity with Jupiter, Venus, and Mars all transiting the eclipse degree in October and November.

This eclipse activates the chart of Syria (Jan. 1, 1944) and its leader Bashar al-Assad (Sept. 11, 1965).  With planets barreling into Virgo in October and Mercury going direct Oct. 9th,  Assad may finally be ousted.  The big problem is the issue of his replacement.  The U.S. Has assisted in ousting leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with disastrous consequences.    

The lunar eclipse in Aries activates the chart of Iran and highlights whether or not the treaty will be approved.  With Mercury retrograde, this will likely take more time.  Mars transiting Leo activates the military in Israel and amplifies their objections to this treaty.


Science & Technology:

On Aug. 11th, an article was published in "IFL Science"
By Jonathan O'Callaghan entitled "You Can Get Cautiously Excited About This Fusion Power 'Breakthrough'".  He states: " Now a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) thinks we might finally have a reason to get excited, although we should still err on the side of cautious optimism.  Using a new type of superconductor, they say they can reduce the size of a potential fusion reactor while drastically increasing its power output.  'It changes the whole thing,' Dennis Whyte, a professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and director of MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center, said in a statement."  It is worth reading the article to get a sense of the progress that is being made in the area that some refer to as the "Holy Grail" to solving our energy and climate crises.

As you know, I have gone on record for predicting that we will have a viable fusion reaction and figure out a workable infrastructure by the 2020s.

There is also good news for the sustainable energy movement as solar technology is getting cheaper and usage is spreading rapidly not only in the U.S., but around the world.

Weather and Mother Nature:

With Mercury square Pluto this month, it is looking like severe storms and hurricanes may be developing.  A major one may hit our coastlines in October, when Mercury goes direct on the Lunar North Node at the world point.  We need to carefully watch the Mercury/Pluto square between the 10th and 24th of this month.

The Pope's Visit to the U.S.

The Pope's scheduled visit to the U.S. Comes at a very critical time in our history.  His dedication to equal opportunity and justice for all, compassion for the poor, and message of universal love reminds us of what this country had at its origin, especially as he visits Philadelphia, our original capitol, the "city of brotherly love".  The planetary patterns at this time are expressing crisis, dissension, and likely natural disasters, as Mercury is retrograde square Pluto and Mars and Jupiter are square Pluto.  Hopefully, he will be safe and able to express the message we all need to hear from this most courageous leader of a great world religion.


Final Thoughts:

As we navigate the flow of our lives through these most challenging months and years,  I ponder how some of the most critical times have given rise to some of the greatest thinkers, leaders and ideas.  Running away never works since the problems just become more monstrous and run toward us faster.  The wisest among us understand this and may be the ones who stand up and step up to the plate.   

What has worked for me through the years could be described by the 3 Cs:  confront, commit, and finally, create.  Each time I have confronted or faced the crisis, I have gotten clarity as to what it is and from "whence it came".  Then, I commit to finding an answer with a fierce faith that there is one.  Interestingly, in a peaceful moment, when I am not thinking of much at all,  I am suddenly and miraculously able to recognize a solution that is both practical and elegant.

Finally, there is a recognition by many that throughout history,  old systems must fall in order that a new and better paradigm may rise, i.e. the notion of creative destruction; the notion of rebirth of consciousness into a form of life and expression that exceeds all previous hopes and dreams.  

I believe that each and every one of us has this great gift of redemption and illumination residing within us; our personal "angel" who only needs to be recognized.

Let's get to work.


Linda Schurman

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Note: I welcome all your comments whether they are critical or complimentary.  This site represents astrology as a tool for a deeper understanding of the themes and issues of our times.  This period in which we all live may be the most critical time for human civilization ever!  It is my wish that we all do our best with whatever talent we have been given, to further the survival and evolution of life on planet earth!

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Linda has been a guest multiple times on "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory".

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I have been working steadily on this publication for nearly four years.  The research I have done has been a "wake-up call" for me as I have tracked the historic trajectories that have led us to where we are now: at the critical point of choosing either extinction or illumination.

However, I am greatly encouraged at discovering that many people are developing new and innovative technologies that can solve the coming energy crises and are conceiving of new, more egalitarian economic systems and societal transformations.  These pioneers may help us to navigate this "age of transition" from cannibalizing our planet to living in concert with the earth and each other.

Our journey through the great constellations has taken us to this place in time, this powerful historic point, this great challenge to human survival and evolution.  It will take great courage on all our parts to open our hearts and minds to the level of truth needed to fulfill the great prophecies given to us through the ages.  I think we can do it!



 A Survival Guide to the 21st Century

Since the turn of the Millennium, the volume has been turned up.  Global warming, species extinction, economic catastrophe, political and corporate corruption, terrorism and war all shout for our attention on a daily basis.

"What Next?" calls for a stop to the insanity.  Author, Linda Schurman explains the history of our times that led us into this seemingly uncharted territory, by actually charting the planets and their personal message to each and every one of us.  She offers an unflinching diagnosis of humanity's current descent into the "end times" so often referenced in books of prophecy.  Her message informs us we do not have to be casualties; that rather than marching toward the "age of extinction", we may be entering the "age of transition".

Ms. Schurman has been predicting our predicaments for over thirty years.  She highlights how to survive and thrive financially within an entirely new context.  She illustrates how we will likely invent our way out of the looming energy crises.  Her insights shed light on how to restore health to the earth, inspiration to the individual, and meaning to the community.  She answers the question we are all asking: "What can we do now?"


About the author:

LINDA SCHURMAN has had a private practice in astrology for over thirty- four years.  She serves an international clientele that includes corporations, financial service companies and private individuals.  Linda holds a B.A. in English and Education and is the author of numerous articles.  She is currently editor and publisher of the newsletter "The SootheSayer" which is in print and online at (  A long-standing member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, she has appeared on radio and television.  A mother to five grown children and grandmother to six, she resides in Ithaca, New York.

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The Mountain Astrologer is recognized as the best astrology magazine in the world.

What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century, by Linda Schurman, Lazer Lady Publishing, Inc., 2505 Anthem Village Dr., Ste. E-165, Henderson, NV 89052 USA, 2007. Softcover-164 pp.- $15.95 (ISBN 978-0-9796900-2-0). Available from:

Linda Schurman has maintained a private practice in astrology for more than 34 years. She is also a studious observer of the larger world stage, including domestic and global politics, climate change, financial markets, and social justice.

What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century is a concise book that addresses the daunting issues of our time. This book is clearly written for non-astrologers. The specific astrology in the text is minimal; however, the author offers an educated view of the challenges we all face. The information, though directed to the general public, provides a timely and useful context for the concerns that clients bring to practicing astrologers every day.

The first chapter, "Pluto in Sagittarius (Nov. 1995 - Nov. 2008)," sets up the immediate background of where we are now by recapitulating the big themes of these years - Globalization, Financial Speculation, Religion, Law, Education, and the Media.

The next three chapters cover a similar range of themes and are organized around the outer planets' transits: Uranus in Pisces (Mar. 2003 - Mar. 2011); Neptune in Aquarius (Jan. 1998 - Feb. 2012) (Septile Pluto 2001 - 2011); and Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2024), Uranus in Aries (2011 - 2018), Neptune in Pisces (2011 - 2026).Schurman also writes on the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (Dec. 2020)and offers a chapter on "Sedna - A Planet of the 21st Century." Although the book is organized by astrological motif, and there are key astrological charts in the Appendices, the body of the text is informed by the work of (non-mainstream) journalists and economists.

Given the subject matter, Linda Schurman's book has a necessarily unflinching tone; she diligently refers to research on global warming, the energy crisis, corporate and political corruption, and other such matters. This author writes a large story in accessible language. She combines a view of the forces at work in the greater world with a positive and practical set of ideas for managing life in these often overwhelming times. For example, Schurman makes "prophecies" and suggestions throughout the book: Chapter 4 contains sections on the Worst-Case and Best-Case scenarios, as well as "The Quiet Revolution - Moving into the Solution" and "New Frameworks of Consciousness." Chapter 3 includes some investment recommendations and has a special section on solar design.

Linda Schurman is facing reality and yet also holds an impressively hopeful vision for the future. If you feel confused by the complexity of the times, her book will help you to sort out what has happened, who is responsible - and what we can do now (as she writes in the Introduction) to help ourselves become "able to 'invent' our way out of even the most profound set of challenges."

- reviewed by Mary Plumb

by K. Diaz

5.0 out of 5 stars A Practical and Spiritual Survival Guide for the 21st Century, September 12, 2007

There are several doomsday books that have been written that question our ability as a species to survive the threat of global warming, the impending energy crisis and a world that is imploding with new super bugs and looming pandemics, all of which are eventually guaranteed to wipe out civilization as we know it. This book, written by a well-renowned and incisive astrologer, not only points out the harsh truth about what the future holds for our planet and its people should we decide to continue our xenophobic thinking and behavior; it also provides hope through concrete scientific information, backed up by several references from well-respected professionals in their specific fields. The author also shows, through previous astrological patterns, how we are destined to repeat our mistakes with much graver consequences unless we choose to raise our consciousness in a way that connects us with every thread that runs through the universe and to realize that we all individually and collectively play a part in the future of our Mother Earth. The message that she brings to the table is that we are all our brothers' keepers. The book is concise and easy to read without the usual technical vernacular used in most astrology books, although it provides charts of nations and events to prove her points to the astrology student or professional. A beautifully written book that provides hope for change and a different future for our children and grandchildren in a world currently devoid of compassion and understanding for one another.

Bonnie Neely

5.0 out of 5 stars Important NOW Book, August 28, 2007

What Next? by Linda Schurman is an astute account of the world's affairs, political, ecological, and economic, as they are today. Linda, a well-known astrologer makes dire predictions about where we are headed as a world, but she emphasizes it is up to us...we have choices, because although the planets and heavens have patterns that are read as given proclivities to certain events, they are not absolute because mankind's will can change events or prevent some. The book is important reading for our time, because we are running out of time for changing our fate. For professionals, Shurman gives official astrological charts to back up all her predictions. For the general public, we need this book to wake us up to what will likely happen if we don't act now. A MUST READ! I highly recommend this book.

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What Next?
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 21st Century


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