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APRIL 2015


Important Points of Interest (for astrologers):

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th at 14 degrees Libra, opposed Uranus and Mercury and square Pluto, New Moon April 18th at 28 degrees Aries, Mars enters Taurus April 1st inconjunct Saturn on the 6th, is sextile Neptune on the 12th, and is square Jupiter on the 18th and is trine Pluto on the 22nd, Jupiter goes direct on April 9th square Mercury on the 21st as Mercury is trine Pluto on the 22nd.

 In the natal horoscope of the U.S. (July 4, 1776) lies a Saturn/Sun square connected to the 13 - 14 degree Capricorn/Cancer axis which is on the invariable plane (where all planetary velocities net out to zero) and is considered a highly “critical” area of the zodiac.

 The April 4th Lunar Eclipse is conjunct the U.S. Saturn here, all tying into the Uranus/Pluto square astrologers have been debating since 2011 and that is now separating.

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The Cardinal Lunar Eclipse and The Global Challenge to U. S. Supremacy:

 *    As world events unfold, it is becoming apparent that the United States is being challenged on all fronts as the so-called world super-power. Our years of dependency on foreign oil have led us to support monarchs and dictators in foreign nations.  The 2003 invasion of Iraq led to this nation’s destabilization and a virtual failed state, opening up the portals to a civil war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. The massive meltdowns of nations in the Middle East and Africa into civil wars, the rise of ISIS as a terror military force, the failed states throughout these regions, the Ukraine mess igniting old Cold War issues with Russia, reveal a “hot mess” in which our old models of military might would not work and which our air strikes, special forces, targeted drone attacks are all being questioned as to their effectiveness.

 *    Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election in Israel followed a direct challenge to Pres. Obama by his giving an address to Congress responding to the unprecedented request of the Congressional Republicans bypassing the Dept of State.  In his campaign, he openly declared an end to both the so-called “peace process” with the Palestinians and a “two state solution” , plus a total rejection of the potential agreement with Iran important to the U.S.   He “recanted” these statements regarding the Palestinians post-election. This all demonstrates a polarization in our government so far beyond the ordinary that the world-at-large is losing respect for our ability to govern.  Meanwhile, we have more nuclear weapons and other means of mass destruction than any nation on earth.  We have a massively surveilled society where “Big Brother” is watching at every turn.  We are turning much of all this capability over to giant computer systems, military robots, and who really knows what else!

 *    As the global currency, the U.S. Dollar is no longer what it was.   China, Russia, and Brazil are now trading in their own currencies and the so-called BRICS have formed their own banking cartel.  Recently, the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been formed and France and the UK have requested admission in defiance of the U.S.  China and Russia have been buying huge amounts of gold to back their currencies while we have been manipulating and dumping gold for many years.  Our dollar is currently very strong mainly because other currencies, i.e. Southern European, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian currencies are falling.  By gutting our middle class, off-shoring jobs to cheap labor abroad and allowing corporations to escape taxation through so-called “trade agreements”, we have created a billionaire class who hold about 80% of this country’s wealth.

 *      The corporate giants control the media (which is disgracefully omitting meaningful and necessary news), have the Supreme Court on their side with the Citizens United Decision giving them the right to use endless amounts of cash to “buy elections”, are on a “privatization” rampage to take over nearly everything that used to be public infrastructure; i.e. civil water systems, education, highways, and even the prison system.  As a result of jobs being low-paying and chronic unemployment infecting an enormous segment of our population, plus the super-rich off-shoring their profits to tax havens abroad, our revenue shortage contributes to the massive government and private debt plaguing the country.  Statistics released by the government tell us unemployment is lower and the deficits have been reduced.  This may be true, but the long term looks much worse if we continue with an economic system that has destroyed the middle class and basically is eating away at our so-called democratic republic.

 *    Since the banks and exchanges were deregulated in the 1990s, our megabanks have participated in a global derivatives trade amounting to somewhere around $800 Trillion.  They have been caught manipulating currencies, not reporting their losses, and other illegal activities and have received comparatively small fines and therefore, have been able to go on doing the same things over again.  Recently, the Congress passed a budget bill that got rid of the small attempt at regulating banks at the passage of Dodd/Frank.  I have already reported Ellen Brown’s revelation that in the G20 meeting last November, so-called ”bail-ins” would be acceptable.  The result is, astonishingly, that the taxpayer is now “back on the hook” for the “too big to fail” banks.  If just one of these giant banks goes under, it would wipe out practically all the money in the FDIC, cause a “run” on the banks, and a potential collapse of the whole system.  In addition, Wall Street has automated itself with computers that are programmed to trade in nano-seconds, with much less decision making connected to human oversight. It has been reported that Target, Sony, Blue Cross, etc have all been “hacked” by “rogue nations” or criminals.  Does Wall Street think it is immune to this type of catastrophe?  The “crash” of 1987 was said to have been a domino effect of computers with programs set to “sell” at certain signals.  In 2017, Saturn reaches the same degrees of Sagittarius as Uranus and Saturn reached in the Fall of 1987. 

 *    A major indicator of a nation’s decline is the failure of opportunity for education for its young people.  The so-called “Common Core” programs forced on our young in the schools and hated by the majority of professional educators today have eliminated courses in history, civics (how to be a citizen of a democracy), music and the arts, physical education, and, frequently, English and literature - all reasons for a child to get up in the morning and want to go to school.  Instead, the forced linear instruction of math and science “around the clock” causes many to fail and give up.  Critical thinking is off the agenda.  It is well known that as so many families fall into poverty, the neighborhoods in which they live have no money for schools, and the young people there are more subject to getting involved in drugs and violent behavior.  These conditions are most frequently found in neighborhoods with people of color, immigrants, and cities that have lost manufacturing jobs.    We are currently “revisiting” the 1960s and racial inequality as it becomes more and more blatantly evident that police target young African American men.

 *    I quote a recently published article on http://informationclearinghouse.info/article41266.htm, “According to a shocking new report from the Educational Testing Service, Americans between the ages of 20 and 34 are way behind young adults in other industrialized nations when it comes to literacy, mathematics and technological proficiency....At this point, American Millennials that have a four year college degree are essentially on the same intellectual level as young adults in Japan, Finland and the Netherlands that only have a high school degree.”  The article goes on to say, ”Our education system is an abysmal failure, and our young people spend most of their free time staring at the television, their computers or their mobile devices.  And until we are honest with ourselves about this, our intellectual decline is going to get even worse.” I think that the downward spiral of the American economy has motivated many parents and educators to force children into technological “specialties” so they may be employable in the giant corporate-industrial complex.  The truth is that technology advances so quickly, you are virtually obsolete by the time you graduate.  America’s great entrepreneurs have often been liberal arts majors who dropped out of college.  Creativity does not necessarily show up on standardized tests and we all know that there is often a negative correlation between tests like the SATs and real success in life.  The real problem is increasing poverty, being “dumbed down” by the mass media, and the dominance of monopoly corporations who employ fewer and fewer people causing a kind of desperation to conform and an abandonment of passion that leads to innovation and creativity.


The Challenge

 THIS ECLIPSE on April 4th is challenging us to wake up and move toward a new definition of ourselves as a nation, as a society, and what it means to be a member of the human race, at a time in history in which we are at a critical juncture.  Will we, as Americans, continue to engage in seemingly endless wars in order to control resources, continue to burn fossil fuels propelling us further on the current path to extinction, or will we, along with other nations, lead the way toward an evolutionary leap forward into living in cooperation with one another and in concert with natural life on our planet?  Will we restore a semblance of “equal opportunity” with its necessary infrastructure that this nation has shown in the past?  Will we grow psychologically and spiritually to a place that matches our unprecedented scientific and technological development?  Stay tuned!


The Economy:

 I think with Mars in Taurus inconjunct Saturn on the 6th, there may be bad economic news effecting financial markets accompanying some kind of natural disaster.  There may also be government security problems and leaks the first half of the month.  However, with Mars and Mercury trine Pluto between the 20th and the 22nd, signals better financial news.  Venus will sextile Uranus on the 27th announcing some showing good news in the for technology sector. With Mars transiting Taurus, a lot of real estate will come on the market this month into May, but there are also a lot of buyers emerging who did not come out in the bad weather the past several months.

 In past newsletters, I have alerted my readers to the coming decision of Congress with regard to the The Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Recently WikiLeaks got their hands on the proposed text and it is even worse than many of us thought.  There is a provision in the TPP called the “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” or ISDS.   The provision allows multinational corporations to challenge laws passed by our government such as environmental or safety laws and regulations and possibly win millions of dollars in “damages” that would have to be paid by American taxpayers.  Worst of all, they could do all this without ever having to go to court in the United States.  Corporations could use ISDS to challenge “buy America” or “buy local” rules that favor domestic manufacturing.  The purpose of ISDS, a secret tribunal, is to help big corporations make more money at our expense and circumvent American rule of law.  Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is warning us about this treaty, reported how corporations are already using ISDS to attack laws designated to help workers.  They sued Egypt for raising the minimum wage, and they sued Germany for eliminating nuclear power to keep their nation safe.  Recently, Paul Krugman wrote an editorial stating he thought most of this agreement was about protecting patents.  This may be true, but the gist of the agreement is disastrous for national economies,  allowing corporations to escape any kind of regulation or protection for  their citizens. I would suggest contacting your congressmen and demand an accounting on this most serious issue.


Foreign Relations:

 *    With Mars in Taurus through May12th, Israel will be challenged once again.  This month’s eclipse on Passover, signals more military engagements in this nation and conflicts on its borders and among its leaders.  What is not mentioned in our mainstream media is Israel’s growing social and economic inequities that will be a hot issue this month.


*    Last month, Saudi Arabia launched air strikes on Yemen, backed by the U.S., in an attempt to remove the rebels and restore order and statehood to this nation. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation. The rebels, who overthrew the last regime are Shia and are sponsored by Iran, with whom we are negotiating an agreement with regard to their nuclear program and who are fighting ISIS in Iraq alongside the Iraqi army who we are assisting with air strikes.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are arch rivals in the region.  The U.S. is in the untenable position of being “allied” with enemies.   I think this will bring on a major challenge to our positions in the Middle East this month.


*    The April 4th eclipse challenges Vladimir Putin and therefore effects Russia negatively.  He is a dictator with the general population of of Russia having no real power, even though there are indications of a populist movement against him.  I also think Putin has a hidden medical problem of concern to him, which may account for his recent disappearance for a short time.  More decisions are coming on the horizon with respect to the Ukraine.  Western Europe is becoming increasingly disillusioned with U.S. policy here and they do not want another Cold War.  Putin also officially supports the Assad regime in war-torn Syria.


*    I think we may see some allied victories against ISIS in Iraq, mainly due to the courage and determination of the Kurds and the local armies.  Over 6 million refugees have left Syria, mostly moving into Turkey and Jordan, whose resources are overwhelmed.  Between May and June, when Mars transits Gemini, I think the US will be more, not less, engaged in the civil war in Syria.


Weather and natural events.

 In my first book, “What Next” published in 2007, I referred to some articles written by climate scientists and oceanographers who postulated that the so-called “mini-ice age” in North America and Western Europe that lasted about 400 years was caused by a global warming trend and arctic ice melting.  The fresh water coming into the Northern Atlantic mixed with salt water causing a stoppage of the warming currents including the gulf stream that insures mild weather and was behind the resultant extreme cold cycle.  Recently, an article was published in the journal “Nature Climate Change” reporting a significant slowing of the so-called Atlantic meridonal overturning circulation. This is a  complex group of currents that includes the gulf stream and is responsible for warming in No. America and Western Europe.  Since there is less sea ice forming in the Arctic this winter than at any other time in the 35 year satellite record, they think that the fresh water coming into the No. Atlantic has disrupted the currents and may be, at least in part, responsible for the recent record-breaking cold and massive amounts of snow in the Northeastern U.S.  Ironically, the Arctic, Siberia, Alaska are all experiencing a major warming trend.  For years, the climate scientists have pointed out to us that shifts and extremes will characterize global climate change.

 Mars in Taurus signals stormy weather this month with heat and cold systems clashing, especially in the first half of the month.  Its inconjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius could indicate an undersea earthquake forming a Tsunami.  I would be cautious about travel in the first half of the month.


 In remembrance of a truly great man:

 Lee Kuan Yew, the founder and head of state of Singapore just died at the age of 91 years.  Lee took a small island nation from poverty and obscurity into a nation of great wealth, prosperity and technological innovation almost beyond belief.  His government has been characterized by being remarkably uncorrupt and engaged with the greater good of his people.  I recently saw a series of interviews by Charlie Rose and Fareed Zakaria spread out over a number of years and could hardly believe the sense of history, breadth of intelligence and  understanding of both American and Chinese cultures and, generally, human nature and its potential. The world has lost what is so rare, today - a great statesman. 


 Final Thoughts: 

 The powerful eclipses of March and April remind us how important it is for each and every one of us to reach beyond our demons to locate the place of transcendent peace within ourselves.  Many great sages have passed the wisdom on to us that if we are angry, we will attract anger; if we feel defeated, we will attract defeat.  On the other hand, in the process of finding our heart-centered strength and standing in our own truth, we create an environment around ourselves that can attract strong, loving, caring individuals into our personal realm.  Unusual and inspiring solutions to the problems of our times will have the opportunity to present themselves, because the universe contains all that is -  the darkness and the light.


What we choose is up to us.  The future is now.