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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

February 2017

Important Points of Reference (for Astrologers):

Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo trine Uranus and Saturn on Feb. 10, Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune and with Mars opposition Jupiter and conjunct Uranus on Feb. 26th, Venus going into Aries Feb. 4 (will go retrograde March 3 through April 14), Mercury will sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter Feb. 21 and will sextile Saturn on Feb. 23, Mars in Aries will square Pluto Feb. 21.

Revolutionary Uranus - Destruction or Transformation:

Since 2011 Uranus has been transiting through the fire sign of Aries (square to Pluto through 2015).  Since then,  we have all been witnesses to the emergence of multiple civil wars and overthrowing of governments throughout the region of the Middle East, including the devastating civil war in Syria leading to a worldwide refugee crisis.  Worst of all, we have seen the rise of ISIS that has controlled cities in Iraq and launched terror attacks throughout the world.  Russia has marched into the Ukraine taking control of the Baltic Sea area, resulting in an ongoing civil war in which NATO is engaged.  We are also observing a breakup of coalitions in nations throughout the world resulting in a polarization of political and economic positions, more recently including "Brexit". I believe all this will likely result in the breakup of the European Union.

The heated presidential election in the U.S. of 2016 has resulted in the "maverick" presidency of Donald Trump who has railed against undocumented immigrants, Muslims, trade agreements and proposed building a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Recently, he issued an "executive order" banning about 134 million from 7 Muslim nations, from entering the country.  Many of these people have been our allies in war torn Middle Eastern nations and provided important information to our government.  Trump has announced he will "build the wall" on the Mexican border which will be paid for by the U.S. taxpayer since nobody knows how Mexico will pay for the wall since they have "refused" and the recent visit by the Mexican President has been cancelled. He has "announced" that "waterboarding" is acceptable to him as a means of extracting information.  His disrespect of women is widely known, resulting in the biggest protest march in recent history.  Into this volatile mix are questions about the legitimacy of Trump's presidency due to Russia's hacking the Democrats during the election and now, their possible hacking Trump as well.  The latter hack may have information against Trump that would enable the Russians to influence his decisions (blackmail) with respect to their interests. Currently, investigations of all this are ongoing and new people will be placed in these departments.  However, the "proof will be in the pudding" and Trump may or may not make good on many of his campaign promises.

We have been here before: April 1927 through March of 1935 when Uranus last transited Aries. These dates coincided with stock market crashes, the Great Depression, and the rise of the Third Reich in Germany, Facism in Italy, Stalinism in Russia, and the  massive military buildup in Japan - all leading to World War II.  The square to Pluto, then in the sign of Cancer, was also a factor in the racism and anti-Semitism sweeping the world including our turning away Jewish refugees from the holocaust here in the U.S., sending them back to their death in Germany. During this time period, huge breakthroughs in science occurred, such as the spliting of the atom (that later led to the development of the Manhattan Project in the U.S. and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945).  The Germans developed rocket science in this era and these scientists were later brought to the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. after the war to develop the great "cold war" space programs in both these nations.  Aries is the sign of the "singleton", the youthful warrior, the first to discover something, the initial "breakthrough".  It is a sign that can be self-absorbed, opinionated, and impulsive along side the more the favorable traits of optimism, courage, and a willingness to go, Star Trek style, to where no one has gone before.

In the scientific era of this transit of Uranus in Aries, we substantiated the existence of the "God Particle" , have created a nuclear fusion "ignition" in various chambers in Germany, France, and the U.S., and devised a successful experiment in proving Albert Einstein's "theory of entanglement" which he, himself, did not believe was possible, calling it "spooky action at a distance".  This idea proposes that twin particles when separated continue their simultaneous spinning in opposite directions no matter how far the distance between them.  We have sent out space capsules exploring other planets that are sending amazing information back to us.  As the old saying goes, history, if not exactly repeating itself "rhymes". All of these discoveries and more to come will completely "revolutionize" our vision of the very fundamentals of what we call "reality" and may lead to our solving many of our most imminent problems concerning the viability of our current civilization on this planet and possible looming extinction of all life on earth itself.

In my previous books, I have referred to this period including Pluto in the sign of Capricorn (moving into Aquarius) as the period of the second American Revolution.  Revolutions have a pretty bad track record, usually resulting in a blood bath of the "masses" and a replacement of the previously unacceptable regime with a worse regime.  Uranus goes into Taurus in May of 2018, moving into the same position it was when Hitler signed a treaty with Russia (which it later violated) and invaded Poland, officially beginning WW II.

At this time, we are challenged by Russia in the Ukraine and its support of Assad in the genocidal blood bath in Syria. I do see movement toward peace in that nation in connection with the August eclipses.  We are being challenged in the South China Sea by China, who says they have rights over this area subsuming Japan and other Asian nations bordering the region,  with whom we are linked in treaties.  China is already forging banking systems and trade agreements with Russia,  India, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil, just as the Trump government is stating he wants to get rid of the current trade agreements.  No. Korea has developed nuclear weapons and has successfully launched rockets to carry them with no current intervention from China.


Trump's appointments to his cabinet are filled with "elites" that he largely campaigned against.  His "win" in this election came from people whose lives have fallen apart and been largely ignored by those in power, but his cabinet is now embedded with billionaires, like himself, who have rigged and used this system to their own advantage.  They include Goldman Sachs banksters, an oil oligarch, and people who openly wish to dismantle medicare, health insurance, and public education.  His proposed labor secretary has openly admitted he wants to replace his workforce with robots. His proposed Secretary of energy ( who will inspect and survey nuclear military bases and energy plants) is a non-scientist who campaigned in the past to eliminate this department.  Past appointments to this post have been largely Nobel prize-winning scientists.

Companies who say they are returning their manufacturing sites to the U.S. are announcing that, in the process, they will "automate" that means eliminating middle class jobs, not restoring them. One of the many problems with the notion of moving manufacturing out of China back into the U.S. is this.  China will only buy our products if they are manufactured in China, depriving our industries of enormous profits in this huge marketplace.  We have been used to buying "cheap" products made abroad whose prices will likely go up.  Lowering the corporate income tax is a good idea in that many of these companies have been "off-shoring" taxes altogether and they will have to pay something rather than nothing.  Trump claims he would potentially end that practice and impose a 20% tax on American plants who sell products here who make things in China or Mexico, etc.  Bringing manufacturing plants back here will be a good thing for people with advanced technological skills, but not for low skilled laborers who have been replaced by computers and robots.  Trump is counting on the auto industries to return their plants here, but they have recently "peaked out" and their sales are beginning to decline. Saturn's transit in Sagittarius will hurt these industries this year.  On the positive side, Trump has recently met with Union leaders who like his proposals.  In addition, he plans to negotiate single-nation individual trade agreements, starting with the UK.

Globalism has created a web of complexities in economies that have interwoven assets and liabilities, benefiting a few at the top of the food chain and confusing and dismantling structural supports for vast numbers of others.   There have been movements recently in the U.S. to create miniature "silicon valley" sites, with almost no success. In addition to all this, with the emergence of self-driving vehicles, a toll will be taken on jobs in the U.S. where about 50% of the male population are employed driving a vehicle!  Meanwhile, tech people from India (given special visas) have virtually "dominated" the IT sector, originally by working for lower wages.  Trump wishes to rebuild our nation's physical infrastructure - a universally liked idea.  Where is the tax money coming from to do this massive rebuild if he "lowers" the income tax for corporations and individuals who actually have the money to be taxed at all?  About 49% of this nation's population live at or below the poverty line and are not paying much in the way of taxes. To top all of this off, Republicans in Congress are currently busy writing legislation to get rid of inheritance taxes on billionaires' estates.

If you care about global climate change and massive pollution endangering our aquifers, you need to know that Trump has signed Executive Orders to approve the filthy tar sands Keytone XL pipelines and the Dakota Access pipelines that the native Americans have been protesting for months. These pipelines would run through many of our rivers and aquifers, threatening catastrophic contamination. He has instituted a hiring freeze on Federal workers.  He has instructed the EPA to freeze all its grants on extensive programs that includes funding for research and development at former industrial sites, air quality monitoring and education and told them not to discuss this order outside the agency.

Trump's stated goal for the withdrawal of the U.S. from our previous role of "global protector" could encourage other nations to develop nuclear weapons, threatening the stability and safety of the world-at-large.  However, his relationship with Vladamir Putin could be a good thing in that arms limitation agreements might come out of this.  His Ascendant and Mars will take a major solar eclipse in August of this year, bringing this looming crises into his personal realm.  His new Secretary of Defense, contrary to Trump's statements, says he will not approve of exiting NATO or abandoning our role of the leading international police agent and he sees Putin and Russia as an adversary.

What now?

We will be experiencing several significant global financial challenges connected to the "casino" derivatives trades that amount to over $800 trillion globally; troubles that will move us into "recession" by early next year, when Saturn goes into Capricorn.  Data analytics plugged into computers have resulted in less and less human oversight in the investment world. Currency crises will cause instability and Trump's policies will be inflationary; thus the place of gold and silver in the "scheme of things" will reassert itself.  The price of oil and gas has already been rising and will likely continue to do so.  Housing prices (in certain locations) and rentals will continue to rise until the fall of this year. The financial industry has benefited the most from "globalism", especially in the U.S. and with transiting Saturn reaching the "crash" degree of 27 - 29 degrees of Sagittarius this year, Wall Street will be in trouble.

President Trump will experience this nation's Pluto (destruction and rebirth) return between 2019 and 2020.  The question is:  will he "be" the second American Revolution or will he be the leader who is "overthrown" resulting in new leadership in 2020?  Will a Trump presidency be merely disruptive and destructive or transformational?  The other question is this...  will this be a violent or peaceful transformation?  Hopefully, as the recent "Women's March" demonstrated,  it will be a peaceful one and will, simultaneously, turn on the lights and re-engage to  organize the people-at-large.  Interestingly, a new protest has been organized for April 15th - a time period I have previously predicted would present a series of major global crises and upheavals in the status quo.

Nations hit by the February Eclipses:

The prime ministers of Spain (Manuel Valls) and France (Francois Hollande) are hit by the 22 degree Leo eclipse, pointing to problems holding onto their positions.  The chart of India's Sun is hit by this same eclipse which will likely threaten many "reforms" instituted by Prime Minister Modi, especially connected to digitalization of currency.  Germany is in the midst of dealing with massive protests related to the thousands that have immigrated there from Syria.  Prime Minister Angela Merkel's political position is threatened.  The Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces is conjunct Venus (money and peace agreements) in the chart of Iran presenting a difficult scenario with the nuclear agreement with the U.S. (which involved the lifting of economic sanctions) under the new U.S. leadership.  This same eclipse connects with the chart of No. Korea whose latest development of short-range missiles threatens stability and will be a challenge to U.S. hegemony. 

The Environment and Energy:

On January 13th, Common published an article entitled "Why this Nuclear Engineer Says Every Nuke Plant in the US Should Be Shut Down Yesterday" by Karl Grossman.  He points out that within the dangers highlighted by the disastrous Fukushima meltdown in Japan, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is the recent announcement that Indian Point nuclear power plant 26 miles from New York City will be closed over the next few years under an agreement reeached between New York State and Entergy.  He adds: "Last year, the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant in Nebraska closed following the shutdowns of Dewanee in Wisconsin, Vermont Yankee in Vermont, Crystal River 3 in Florida and both San Onofre 2 and 3 in California.  Nuclear plant operators say they will close Palisades in Michigan next year; Oyster Creek in New Jersey and Pilgrim in Massachusetts in 2019; and the closure of California's Diablo Canyon 1 in 2024 will be followed by Diablo Canyon 3 in 2025."  He goes on to relay the bad news by writing: "But the bad -- the very bad-- energy news is that there are still many promoters in industry and government still pushing nuclear power.  Most importantly, the transition team of incoming President Donald Trump has been 'asking for ways to keep nuclear power alive,' as Bloomberg reported last month."

As my readers know, I have been predicting the development and implementation of hydrogen nuclear fusion (no pollution - infinite energy) that I believe will happen by the 2020s.  Science Daily published an article back on Oct. 8, 2014 entitled "Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal."  Pointing to the research and development at the University of Washington, it states:  "Engineers have designed a concept for a fusion reactor that, when scaled up to the size of a large electrical power plant, would rival costs for a new coal-fired plant with similar electrical output."  This unique design seems to have the "greatest potential of producing economical fusion power of any current concept," said Thomas Jarboe, a UW professor of aeronautics and astronautics and an adjunct professor is physics."  Wherever I find this good news, I pass it on to my readership along with the optimism and hope for the future that it provides.

This Month's Economy:

This month, the transits in Aquarius and Aries may provide more breakthroughs in the energy field and new technologies to implement them.  It is also a good placement for breakthroughs in aviation and aeronautics.  The stock market will likely rise.

From Feb. 7th through the 25, Mercury is transiting Aquarius, trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus the week of the 19th.  All this presents new tech developments, medical breakthroughs, and renewed optimism on Wall Street.  However, as you know, I am predicting a series of financial crises between April and June, with recoveries July - September, and then a possible sell-off on Wall Street between Oct. and Dec. as we march into recession.  This year will present an economy that has "bipolar disorder" wildly swinging up and down and will be truly uncertain as to where things will ultimately land and how hard they will land.

Final Thoughts:

Recently, I have received many emails and phone calls concerning the positions I have taken in this newsletter and the forecasts I have made, many of which are now revealing themselves to those who care enough to look at what is transpiring today.  Many fine astrologers, especially those who have been published in The Mountain Astrologer, have been describing the times in which we are living for many years.  The planetary pictures continue to provide us with the themes and issues of our times and we offer this information to the world so that all of us will critically examine the decisions we need to make.  Astrology will not make our decisions for us; it sheds a light on the landscape so that we get some clarity about what needs to be done.

Our time alive on earth in this form is very very limited.  Humanity has inhabited this planet for a comparatively short period and been very selfish and short-sighted in the process.  Personally, I believe we need to be respectful of each other, restore health to our damaged ecological system, and use our time in a sincere devotion to the currently "unpopular" notions of peacemaking, loving, and the discovering of truths and solutions that have evaded us in recent history. I, personally, volunteer to join hands and hearts with all who wish to make this dream come true.  Let's get to work!

Linda Schurman



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