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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher


November 2015


Important Points of Reference (for Astrologers):

New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio Nov. 11 sextile Jupiter and trine Chiron; Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Pluto Nov. 10 and is inconjunct Uranus Nov. 12th and is sextile Jupiter the 13th;  On Nov. 12th, the North Node goes into the sign of Virgo  and will be in this sign through May of 2017; Venus in Libra is sextile Saturn on Nov. 13 and Mars in Libra is sextile Saturn on Nov. 23; Full Moon at 3 degrees Gemini Nov. 25 just as Saturn is square Neptune on the 26th.

Casualties and Consequences:

In last month’s newsletter I outlined the themes associated with with the Saturn/Neptune square which is making its first contact between the 25th and 26th of this month.  The Ponzi scheme economy which was not corrected after the 2008 debacle has reached its last gasp and there are no more cans to “kick down the road.”  In addition, this planetary contact has historically  been associated with environmental disasters.  Topping it all off,  Saturn is reaching a degree area (7 - 9 degrees of Sagittarius) that has been associated with U.S. Involvement in wars.  Mars will station to go retrograde at this degree in April 2016.

The Economy:


My take is that we will see significant “corrections” in two areas; the real estate market and the bond market.

Millionaires took advantage of the 2007 sub-prime mortgage driven collapse of real estate prices in many parts of the U.S.

by buying up foreclosures, renovating them and either turning them into high cost rentals or selling them at inflated prices.  This is now coming to an end.  We actually have the lowest family  home ownership in this nation since 1967 because the middle class has been diminished and many can no longer afford to buy homes.  The bubble is breaking and will continue to decline in 2016.

Because of the Fed’s ongoing policy of keeping interest rates down to near zero to stimulate the economy, and a gradual loss of faith in the U.S. economy, central banks around the world are selling U.S. Government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Min Zeng and Lingling Wei.  Sales by China, Russia, Brazil, and Taiwan are the latest sign of an emerging markets slowdown that is threatening to spill over into the U.S. Economy.  There has been buying by U.S. and foreign firms driven by worries about the world’s economic outlook but this, in effect, means we are buying back our own treasuries.  The Saturn/Neptune effect will likely stimulate selling rather than buying leading to a recessionary crisis in the bond market.  Between Nov. 5th and Nov. 12th, when Venus and Mars reach 27 - 29 degrees of Virgo just as the North Node transits into 29 degrees of Virgo, we may see the stock market take a tumble. However, as I have noted before, I do not see a major stock market crash until 2017.


The transit of the North Node into Virgo will highlight the plight of workers, unemployment, populism, and a movement to the “left” in American politics.  It will also initiate a lot of attention on healthcare, insurance, Medicare, and other areas that will be found to be seriously deficient.  Already, the new congressional budget is cutting disability benefits.  Repairs on infrastructure will be a big issue in the coming elections.


In spite of some recent upswings in October, we will also have to face some very serious facts.  The IPO market is sinking.  According to Renaissance Capital, IPOs are down over 44% from last year and the number of deals is down by about 20%.  Earnings of major corporations are down, and retail sales are on a decline.  Companies are currently buying back their own stock to stave off a collapse in financial markets. Many millionaires have purchased a lot of art in the past few years, as an investment.  Since Neptune rules the art sector, expect prices to sink in this market as well.  As far as currencies are concerned, past connections between Saturn and Neptune have been deflationary.  Saturn is telling us, in all sectors, that we have to face reality.


Something all citizens of the U.S. should be acutely aware of is that the powers-that-be may be moving us toward all electronic money, and eliminating cash altogether, which would leave U. S. citizens without the ability to control their private assets.  This would place all financial transactions under the control of the banks and the central government.  Those of us who are saving and stashing cash, gold, silver, etc. in order to protect ourselves from the crashes and catastrophes of giant unregulated banksters and derivative traders, would have no recourse.  Keep your eyes open for signs and signals pointing to this possibility.  

The Environment:


In the Democrat’s debate last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders stated that climate change was our greatest crisis.  I agree with this assessment.  Scientists from all over the world have been warning us for years that human activities have so altered the environment that we are facing mass extinction of life not seen since the end of the dinosaurs.  Scientists have recently stated that the Middle East will grow so hot that it will be uninhabitable by 2100.   However, the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster may turn out to be the greatest environmental crisis in our history related to the “works of man”.  It has been reported that the “melt-down” is virtually bottomless and the rods unreachable.  Radioactive contamination in fish and sea plants is showing up in the Pacific coastal life from California all the way to Alaska. There is literally no end in sight.  In addition we are still experiencing the consequences of the great BP oil eruption.  Fortunately, U.S. Oil companies are backing out of drilling in the Arctic, one of the few positive decisions made recently.


Hurricane Patricia recently hit Mexico and the U.S. and is the strongest hurricane in recorded history.  Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast of America in 2012 had a thousand mile radius.  Last year’s typhoon that hit the Philippines was the largest every recorded and the one that hit this year was a close second.  The great meltdown at the Arctic continues at an increasingly rapid rate.


The end of this month’s Saturn/Neptune square will likely coincide with another environmental disaster, reminding us that we need to change our attention and direction with regard to these issues sooner rather than later.


Hot Spots Expanding: China, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, The Ukraine, Russia, and Israel:


In previous newsletters, I predicted Russia would likely become more involved militarily in the Middle East and that Jupiter in Virgo strengthens their hand as they continue air strikes on the enemies of Assad, who they support.  They are likely to escalate the effort this month.  I also warned that Israel would likely be pushed toward war.  The Palestinian leader, Abbas, announced recently that he was “abandoning all peace treaties” with Israel.  Since then, there have been more terror activities on the Israeli/Palestinian borders.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been called to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  There will be some frantic attempts to negotiate some kind of peace between now and December, with the transits of Venus and Mars in Libra.  I also think (having predicted this in previous newsletters) that Saudi Arabia’s current government is in significant trouble as people in the royal family vie for control while Pluto moves toward the ascendant of this nation’s chart and Uranus is square to this point next Spring.  They have recently been purchasing more military arms than any other nation.


Pres. Obama has just ordered more special-ops soldiers to fight ISIS with the Kurds in Syria.  Next Spring, Mars stations at 8 degrees of Sagittarius (a war degree) that will likely coincide with an increase in U.S. Troops in the area.  Alliances are shifting in the whole region and the next U.S. president will have to contend with all this


China claims the territory in the South China Sea as theirs alone and they have recently constructed artificial islands there.  We have agreements with Japan to protect their territorial rights in the region.  Recently a U.S. Military vessel went into the area and made the statement that China’s sole claim to this area is bogus since we claim the area is classified as “international”.   China’s leadership was outraged by this and urged the U.S. to be careful about promoting military engagements.  This month, Mars (war and violence) is transiting Libra, activating China’s chart and joining the square of Pluto to their natal Sun between Dec. 1st and Dec. 7th (ironically Pearl Harbor Day).




Just as primary season begins, we will be confronted with transiting Mars in Scorpio through early Sagittarius, its retrograde back into Scorpio in late May all the way through early August of 2016.  The Republican Party is in a disarray not seen in a very long time. Hillary Clinton is still dealing with her private email usage that included government business that originated when she was Secretary of State.  Voters are tending to like “outsiders” as they are so disgusted with the inability of Congress to govern.  Hate mongering is at a “high” and attention is being directed toward racial discord and immigrants rather than the huge issues that confront us today with respect to the economy and foreign relations.  In addition, severe winter storms will be hitting the U.S. effecting voter turnout.   I will wait until the primaries have taken place and we have the nominees before predicting the possible outcome of the election.  There are doubts concerning accurate birth times of the candidates, that are essential to surveying an astrological natal chart.


Nuclear Fusion research:


There is good news regarding the development of nuclear fusion, published  online at  The article states:  “In a large complex located at Greifswald in the north-east corner of Germany, sits a new and unusual nuclear fusion reactor awaiting a few final tests before being powered up for the very first time.  Dubbed the Wendelstein 7-x fusion stellarator, it has been more than 15 years in the making and is claimed to be so magnetically efficient that it will be able to continuously contain super-hot plasma in its enormous magnetic field for more than 30 minutes at a time.  If successful, this new reactor may help realize the long-held goal of continuous operation essential for the success of nuclear fusion power generation.  Created by the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) and designed with the aid of a supercomputer, the Wendelstein 7-x is the first large-scale optimized stellarator of its type ever to be commissioned.”


As my readers know, I have been predicting that nuclear fusion will be developed and made usable way before most people in the field have previously estimated.  This will mark the end of the age of fossil fuel as the 2020s unfold with major planetary transits into the sign of Aquarius.



Final Thoughts:


Throughout my lifetime, from the end of WWII until the present, our society and its markets have been oriented toward youth,   i.e. mass marketing geared toward instant gratification, self indulgence, short-sighted and quickly passing fads, and the issuance of enormous amounts of credit and debt with the notion that the “dream” is acquiring whatever you want when you want it.

At the same time, the ability to get a good education has severely diminished, jobs have left the country, kids are graduating highschool and college loaded up with college loans, low paying employment or none at all, and many hopes dashed.  We have on our hands a generation that is a “spectator” group, with television everywhere, hand-held devices on which a person can text while walking, driving, working, etc.  This results in a weird self-absorbed state, and a lack of essential skill enabling them to  to comprehend history, science, politics, literature.  Frequently, the media encourages violence and hate-mongering rather than   critical thinking.  Granted, we have the internet, robotics, space travel, and technological innovations that are truly “mind-blowing” but too often, are mind-obliterating.  Now, the previously opened doors that have defined our times are swinging back and hitting us in the face.  Our “profits only” society, ironically, is losing its profits.  Our culture of “mechanistic materialism” is proving hollow and is failing on its own.

As Bob Dylan sang: “Things they are a’changin”.  Those of us who are in the “senior” group and have the perspective of history behind us need to encourage our young and revive the inspiration and will we once had to transform society and create a new earth. This vision consists of people making peace rather than war; working together toward a shared prosperity; forging a grand and monumental effort to reverse the damage to life on earth.  Many of our emergencies today will likely be solved by science and technology, but these solutions cannot stand alone. We need to know that all along the way, we possess an intrinsic heart-centered capacity to choose which direction we will go both as individuals and within the collective consciousness of humankind .


Times, they are awaitin!


Linda Schurman


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