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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  .....from Hamlet by Shakespeare


July 2017

Important Points of Reference for Astrologers:

Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, opposed to Mars on July 8; New Moon at 00 degrees Leo conjunct Mars on July 23; Venus at 13 degrees Gemini square Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces and Mars at 28 degrees Cancer square Uranus at 28 degrees Aries both on July 17; Mercury at 28 degrees Leo trine Uranus and Venus at 21 degrees Gemini opposition Saturn on July 24; Venus at 28 degrees Gemini sextile Uranus July 29.

Partners in Crime -  Pluto and Mars:

Last month, I offered up a description of the planet Pluto, who resides at the bottom of the human psyche and comes to the surface when people are placed in positions where there are enormous concentrations of wealth and power, whether they are at the top of the economic ladder or in high positions in governments.   Since he dwells in the “underworld” and rarely leaves this domain where his plans and nefarious activities are kept “in the dark”, the power he possesses to destroy structures and systems that govern human life are often suspected but unknown until Mars presents himself, lining up the weapons and troops in the battlefield.  Jupiter enlarges and mobilizes these efforts, pushing nations into wars, launching Pluto’s weapons of mass destruction.

Before the planet Pluto was discovered, Mars was the “ruler” of both Aries and Scorpio and the classic instigator of war.  Pluto was discovered in 1930, at the beginning of the Great Depression and the Nuclear Age, amplifying what used to be local catastrophes into global ones, and he became the new ruler of the sign of Scorpio that governs death and rebirth.  Behind all this ancient mythology lies a vision of human nature that is framed by the fears for our survival and threats to our world views that lie within all of us in one form or another. 

This month’s transit of Mars in Cancer that began in June brings to the surface our need to protect our homes, our cultures, our sentiments clustered around our collective memories of the past and the need to feel nurtured by an image of a “parent” that we may or may not have had.  There is a childlike aura around the sign of Cancer that clings to our collective subconscious and cherishes the “good old days” that may or may not have been so good.  Mars in Cancer will fight for the “homestead” and a way of life that may no longer serve the persons fighting for it.  However, to disregard the importance of this sign is to ignore the basics; family, food, housing, health care, infrastructure for clean water and public utilities.  This is behind the bills to “fix” health care that seem to be leading us from “bad to worse.”  We cannot, as a nation, ignore what history has taught us about the basics for human survival and comfort. But neither can we “cling” to obsolete jobs, economies that do not work, and ways of life that no longer serve us.

The U.S.A has its Sun in Cancer, along with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all lined up in this sign.  The U.S.A. Moon in Aquarius is a major contrast to all of this.  It is open-minded, in love with space-age technology, embraces contrasting cultures and ways of life, praises innovators and geniuses, and is enamored with whatever is brand new, frequently disregarding the past as obsolete and irrelevant.  As a nation, the battle between these two signs has produced a kind of “split personality” that either is at war with itself or finds a way to please both aspects of itself.  Moving to a high tech robotic culture that eliminates most human means of employment will not work.  Neither will an insistence upon beefing up obsolete jobs that no longer work in a world that will come to an end if we do not address global climate change and the need for clean energy.  This month’s emergence of a health care bill from Congress will likely further ignite the “class war” that has been escalating in recent years.  This bill will destroy access to health care for so many people, that there will be outrage, protests, conflicts across the US, appropriate to the transit of Mars in Cancer.  The passage of this will likely be delayed and the “war” of different ideologies will continue.

The looming question is whether or not we will “go to war” with each other in the form of violence and terror, or ramp up the troop engagements in nations that have no relevance to our interests so that dictators or giant corporations (Pluto) can continue to control our collective lives.  Frustrations are building on the part of ordinary citizens who face devastating health care costs, reduced wages, lost jobs due to automation, and a general feeling of abandonment by the nation’s established institutions.  Last month, Mars went through the sign of Cancer where it continues to be this month until it goes into Leo on the 21st.  It has already unfortunately resulted in the violent shooting of Congressman Scalise at a baseball practice on June 14th.  Pres. Trump announced the deployment of thousands of more troops in Afghanistan.  Since Trump came to power, Special Ops have been sent to 137 nations entrenched in conflicts from Africa to Asia.    

In the “war” between Trump and the Democrats, the investigations connected to Russian tampering with the U.S. election will be unlikely to connect Trump directly to the hacking of the campaign.  If they uncover his monetary dealings with Russia in past years, there will be evidence for this array of conflict of interests, but they are unlikely to be “impeachable” actions.  The area that could get him in trouble would be “lying under oath” and we have yet to see this play out.  The Democrats continually defeat themselves by avoiding what people want: jobs, health care, and getting people “out of the ditch”.  They need new young people with vitality and passion, who are not elitists and banksters and who will reconnect the party with its populist roots.  The coming full Solar Eclipse on Trump’s ascendant and Mars on August 21st will highlight his monumental narcissism, uncover his bad associates, and even expose a problem with his health.  What may “undo” his presidency will be emerging problems with the economy that will show up between October and December.   There will be another Solar Eclipse in February 2018 involving the USA Moon that is on President Trump’s Descendant.  Certainly, this targets a crisis in leadership of significant proportions.

Image result for lying

The Economy:

In an article published June 11, 2017 on, written by William Rivers Pitt, entitled “We are not Broke: Trashing the Austerity Lies”, the author reminds us of last year’s “Panama Papers” scandal in which a Panamanian law firm revealed a global tax evasion scheme by the world’s super rich who may be hiding much of their wealth overseas.  He reports: “Researchers in Scandinavia and the United States use the Swiss and Panamanian leaks to show that global tax evasion is likely much more prevalent than previously thought.  Their estimates show that the wealthiest people are getting away with paying far less than their fair share.  If the top 0.01 percent have 30 percent more wealth than their tax returns indicate, that puts far more distance in the yawning wealth gap between the haves and have-nots.” 

He goes on to say: “It was confirmed in the original reporting on the Panama Papers last year that hundreds of the wealthiest U.S. citizens enjoy the privileges of offshore cash havens, even as the new government in Washington pleads abject poverty while seeking to bleed the poorest among us for the benefit of the richest.”

We are already somewhat familiar with the proposed Health Care Reform Act that the Congress sent to the Senate. The Senate has just released their version to the public, and it is currently estimated that health care insurance would become unaffordable to about 22 million Americans if this were passed.  The proposed cuts to Medicaid would finish off the poor and potentially cause the ejection of elderly men and women from nursing homes.  If the billionaires paid the taxes they owed, the gap would likely be closed and coverage extended to most people.  Big money is going out of this country and people left in the country make too little money to pay into supporting the system. The aging of the population, an enormous drug addiction problem (the government just announced that opioid addiction has increased 500% in the past seven years and kills more people than guns or auto accidents), millions of citizens with chronic illnesses - all put so much stress on the health care system that most of us know we cannot continue the present way of dealing with it all.  Pres. Trump actually seeks tax breaks for billionaires financed on the backs of poor and elderly people whose only recourse is Medicaid.  Right now, a perfect solution does not exist.

Last month, it was announced that Amazon is buying Whole Foods, injecting themselves into the food business and enlarging its monopoly over goods and services to an extent that that has, historically, never been seen before.  They are working on deliveries made to people’s houses by drones.    When monopolies take over, competition is eliminated, prices escalate upward, and consumers are trapped in an economy they can no longer afford.  We are also seeing a decline in “startups” as the economic and political environment is favoring the giant takeovers.  In addition to Tesla creating a car that drives itself, it was recently announced that Cadillac has announced an auto-driving car.  About half of this nation’s men are employed driving some kind of vehicle.  The question looms.  Where will the jobs be? 

The stock market averages have, for many years, been a way of measuring the wealth of our country and the health of the economy.  This vested money is basically controlled by a small number of fund managers and giant banks.  Most people do not own stocks.  Most people are not participating in the wealth in these markets.  On top of this, most people who do own stocks pay little attention to what is going on as their wealth is under the control of the index fund managers.  BlackRock, Vanguard, and  State Street are the “big three” who have nearly $11 Trillion in assets under management (according to an article on the, May 10, 2017 entitled “These three firms own corporate America”). Thus, when their balance sheets are sent to them after a “correction”, they go into shock.  The recent market highs have been generated by just a few corporations such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, and McDonalds.  The dollar is declining in value.  I predicted that this would be a year of currency crises and I expect the dollar to continue downward.  It is now widely known that the central banks are manipulating the price of gold and silver on the paper exchanges. 

Between July 1st and July 8th, the planetary aspects point to some kind of financial crisis translating into the markets.

Some good news is that BMW is expanding their operations in So. Carolina and 1000 jobs are expected to be added there.  However, real estate start -ups have significantly declined.  The auto industry (a frequent sign of recession) is in trouble. Although employment is up, wages are not.  Retail industries are set to close hundreds of stores around the nation. Sadly, Illinois has recently had its credit rating reduced to “junk” status.   Mars is opposition Pluto from July 1st through July 3rd, shaking up some markets and moving some accounts into safety plays such as gold.  (There may also be a big weather event at this time.)  The coming eclipses in August will likely be the peak and afterwards, the “final blow” by the end of this year to all the super optimistic prognosticators on Wall Street. Meanwhile, the word is getting out that the powers-that-be are working to implement a digital “cashless” economy.

Human ingenuity is showing itself in some new apartments being built in cities that are co-housing developments in which people live in a unit with another person and share the rent.  Each unit has separate bedrooms and baths with a common living area designed to make it easy to live together.  I think this is one of the ways people will be able to combat hugely rising rents, plus not have to live entirely alone.

Weather & Travel: 

Configurations from July 1st tough July 8 point to severe weather in the U.S., and I would avoid air travel at that time.  This could also point to earthquakes in parts of the world prone to these events.

Foreign Nations:

Saudi Arabia’s chart is activated this month by the Mars in Cancer opposing their Capricorn lineup.  They have been making serious mistakes in their policies for the past several years, including their genocidal massacre of the people of Yemen.  The U.S. has been selling them war planes and weapons.  Last month, they issued a statement of isolation from Qatar claiming their government harbors terrorists aligned with their enemy, Iran.  This put the U.S. in a bad place since we have a military base and ll,000 troops stationed there.  The Saudi decision to reduce the flow of oil to bring prices up has failed.  It is obvious that this nation is troubled and its leadership is conflicted.  Pres. Trump has emphasized them as our ally, while his Secretary of State Tillerson openly disapproved of the Saudi decision.  I have predicted changes in leadership for this country in past newsletters.  They recently announced the new “Crown Prince” who will be next in line to take over the nation.

Cuba has announced the last Castro is retiring and they will hold a new election in October.  Pres. Trump has issued new restrictions on the U.S. relationship with them that Pres. Obama had opened up earlier.  In October, Jupiter goes into Scorpio making many aspects to the 1959 chart of the Communist Revolution.  They may decide how “Communist” they wish to be.  Change lies ahead for this nation. 

The UK voted against the party of Prime Minister Theresa May last month and has highlighted how conflicted this nation is over its identity and direction.  She has summoned some support from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, allowing her to continue as a “minority party”.  Last month, there was a tragic fire in an apartment building in London.    Conflicts continue this month.  There may be some consensus about where the nation is going by the Fall.

India’s Prime Minister Modi visited the White House last month.  In previous newsletters, I have predicted problems for this nation and its leadership.  They literally took over software engineering in the U.S. back in the 1990s by marketing their cheap labor, especially for Microsoft and AT&T.  This created billionaires there but the majority of the populace still lives within the context of ancient tribal divisions who live in destitution.  Their economy is taking a hit and their sovereign debt has risen.

Final Thoughts:

The history of the United States has been characterized as dominated by the notions of a democratic republic and free market capitalism.  The truth is that many inhabitants of this country have been “left out”, enslaved, used and abused.  We did not get rid of slavery as an economic institution until after the Civil War and African Americans still suffer from poverty and marginalization.  Women did not get the vote until 1920 and have suffered discrimination in the courts and in the labor force for many years. Native Americans were annihilated or put on reservations in which their rights were violated and treaties broken.  Monopolies have threatened the “freedom” in free market capitalism, never more than today as giant corporations are buying smaller enterprises, buying out the government as a balancing factor, and corporate media dominating the public discourse.  Families here are too frequently losing their wealth, their cohesion, are taking painkillers, and dying.  America has become a “predator/prey” nation with the wealthiest in control of both enterprise and the government and too many people, instead of promoting democracy, idolize the rich guys, aspiring to be just like them. 

The history of the world has been the story of the “haves” vs. the “have nots” in one form or another.  America has featured itself as the exception to all this.  We can now see that it is deja vu all over again as the 1% in income and assets own most of this nation’s wealth and are in control in Washington. 

Ironically, the hope of “the people” may lie in all the dissent between members of Congress and the White House, paralyzing the government’s actions and giving the protesters the opportunity to be heard throughout the nation.  Many people may begin to come out of their slumber, inform themselves about the issues, and show up to vote.

I believe that humanity has always had the capacity to “reinvent” itself.  We could make the choice to do so, within the next 20 years, as the tides of history change, once again, and the miraculous process of evolution reveals itself to us once more.

Stay tuned!


Linda Schurman



"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part,  I am willing to know the whole truth;  to know the worst;  and to provide for it."  .....Patrick Henry


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