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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

March 2017

Important Points of Reference (for Astrologers):

Full Moon at 22 degrees Virgo (on the U.S. Neptune) on March 12, New Moon at 7 degrees Aries on March 27, Mars enters Taurus on March 10, is trine and sextile the Lunar Nodes on the 14th and is sextile Neptune on the 27th, Venus goes retrograde in Aries on March 3 (going direct at 26 degrees Pisces square Saturn at the Galactic Center on April 14), Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Neptune March 4th and is sextile Pluto on March 7, Jupiter retrograde is opposition Uranus on March 2.

Neptune's Hypnotic Message and the Disappearance of Critical Thinking:

Joseph Goebbles, Hitler's P.R. man is known to have said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.  In their time, they had a motion picture industry that amplified and glorified their anti-semitic, militaristic and fascist propaganda. They did not have television or the internet back then to demonstrate how massively profitable lying can be when it permeates a mass media culture such as ours is today.  In the 1930s, economic depression, poverty, and inequality were spreading throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Since the "people" were feeling helpless about their fate, blaming Jews, people of color, ethnic minorities became an attractive tool for the rise of dictators and their genocidal massacres before and during WW II.  A kind of hypnosis subsumed and drowned critical thinking. People lurched toward a "strongman" who promised them prosperity, superiority, and military supremacy.  The result that played out was a devastation never seen before on the face of the earth. 

Here we are:  deja-vu all over again, only with lies and promises bigger than ever and people willing to turn over their brain cells in exchange for ethnic and religious hatred, promises that an obsolete job will be returned to them, deporting Muslims, building a wall on the Mexican border, and being friendly with Russian dictator Vladamir Putin and his oil oligarchy. The dismantling of government protections against poisoning water and food, multiple environmental disasters, the dismantling of public education and health care,  and "dissing" the rule-of-law in general are all marching "lock step" into our "commons." Fueled by big pharma's "legal" distribution of opioids, we have a national problem with heroin (Neptune) addiction that is the worst in our  history. It is now all "out there" on Facebook and Twitter and the shape of these things changes from minute to minute while we lie in a hypnotic trance.

The ideals supporting democracy are dependent upon accurate and widely available systems of information within the education system and the media-at-large including television, radio, print media and the Internet.  In the states with lower median incomes and disappearing jobs, the local financing for public education diminishes, there are increases in single parent families, and the public infrastructures (roads, bridges, clean water) are failing.  Television, in recent years, abandoned its previously held high standards for news reporting and substituted a "profits only" system with programs dumbed down into sensationalism, avoiding in-depth facts reporting, and lowering the discourse to resemble wet t-shirt mud wrestling contests.  Along side all of this, Pres. Trump has stated he is "defunding" the arts and PBS.  Hate mongering has become "profitable."   Ruling elites including giant national and trans-national corporations, global banks, have all succeeded in controlling legislation, resulting in the national discontent in America that the interests of "the people" have been trashed. These concerns are well founded.  Instead of electing a true "populist" candidate, voters fell for a billionaire candidate that promised he would "make America great again" by forcing changes in trade agreements, restoring  lost jobs, getting rid of "foreigners" including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, and banning entry into our nation of Muslim nations who, so far, have not attacked us. Trump's commitment to deport undocumented immigrants is igniting a wave of protests throughout the U.S. not seen since the 1960s. The people who attacked us on 9/11 were primarily from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who are off that list of Muslim nations subject to the bans.  So far, the majority Republican legislators are rubber-stamping all this, but the judiciary are not.  Executive, legislative, and judicial systems are written into our constitution to form a "balance of power." This was the genius of our founders.

Global inequality in wealth is becoming more extreme at a geometric pace every year.  In an article on Buzzflash by Paul Buchheit, he reports:  "In early 2016, Oxfam (a research organization) reported that just 62 individuals had the same wealth as the bottom half of humanity.  About a year later Oxfam reported that just 8 men had the same wealth as the world's bottom half.  Based on the same methodology and data sources used by Oxfam, that number is now down to 6."  He goes on to say: " The world's total wealth is about $256 Trillion, and in just one year the richest 10% drained nearly $4 Trillion away from the rest of civilization."  Incidentally, the current notional derivatives trading in dollars in the global "casino" has reached beyond $800 Trillion which is over three times all the wealth in the world! The massively deceptive nature of Neptune and people's willingness to "not know"  will likely result in a worldwide tsunami of bets gone bad and massive sovereign debt come home to roost!

As Neptune washes over us, characteristically flooding the terrain around us, we are starting to swim to shore as the public commons launches protests and the "grass roots" population wakes up and comes out of its "drugged" state, emerging into the light of day willing to fight for what it believes it needs to happen. Since the end of WW II, many well informed people believe we have really been controlled by the "Deep State," a composite of the CIA, Wall Street, the giant oil companies and bankers, all of which have been in bed with international drug cartels, para-military forces, and our "elected" government officials.  These people have been overthrowing leaders in Central and So. America and the Middle East and replacing them with those cooperating with our "interests."  They have been running markets and economies behind the scenes, eliminating those who might "resist."  The looming question is this.  Are we ready to face this?

President Lincoln said "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."  As Mars transits the earth sign of Taurus this month through the end of April and Saturn (reality) moves into the galactic center at 27 degrees Sagittarius, the next couple of months will bring earthquakes to the global financial networks, as well as literal earthquakes and movements of land masses, along with serious tornadoes that bring us around, once again, to the consequences of climate change. We are witnessing the "end times" for the European Union and the current American Empire along with a global economic and banking system moving toward a systemic failure.

The Economy:

In my recent past newsletters, I forecast a "bubbly" stock market reaching "highs" in December and February.  Things are getting very dicey in March.  Venus (currency) is going retrograde on March 3rd, Jupiter (expansion) is retrograde and will be square Pluto (money)the week of the 26th, Mars goes into Taurus (property) March 10th through April 20th, and Saturn reaches the Galactic Center that has coincided with past "crashes" in financial markets.  The Pluto/Jupiter square the last week of this month bursts the "bubble."  The Venus direct station that occurs on April 14th, square that Saturn position means the worst lies ahead. As I have pointed out before, stock markets are experiencing bi-polar disorder and will likely recover under the Jupiter/Saturn sextile that happens one more time in August.  October through December lies in crash territory leading to "recession" as we enter 2018.  We will just begin to see that Trump's election is not really playing out as a nationalist rebellion against the corporate globalist "Deep State" but instead is an administration backed by the Deep State itself, protecting itself from a decline caused by successive failures of previous administrations to fully "deregulate."  These "shadow powers" do not care about wealth disparity, racial injustice, or global warming and will do anything to stop those who do.  Trump's wanting to back out of NAFTA is muted by his recent most friendly meeting with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, reassuring him by reinforcing the U.S. commitment to the Trans-Canada pipelines.  Canada's economy is primarily dependent upon oil and commodities, without which, its economy would fail.

Currency Crises:

As many nations begin moving out of the European Union, the Euro-dollar's solvency will consequently be threatened.   Some of these nations may move back into the U.S. Dollar as a safety play and others will see the value of their own currency fall.  All of this is "making a case" around the world for the digitalization of all money and the movement away from paper or "hard" currency.  People are already conducting financial transactions from their smart phones.  This is known as "blockchain" technology whose founding father is "Bitcoin" and is more successful than many thought it would be.  These efforts will not work in the present climate, but globalists may present significant support for this as the only pathway to stability amidst chaos.  For you and for me, this would mean no private cash transactions and the ability of Cartel controlled central computers to erase us from existence if we displease those at the top of the food chain.  For a while, the same atmosphere of chaos in currencies will drive many to take strong positions in gold and silver as a safety play.

We have all been reading prognosticators' predictions that, as the U.S. empire comes down, China will be the next great super power.  I dare to disagree.  China's stock market crashed in 2015 and again in 2016.  They have accumulated massive amounts of debt building cities "for show" that are uninhabited and a super-rail system that is not profitable.  Trump's policies stated against "trade" with China and their cheap goods is endangering what they have left.  With Trump "cozying" up to Russia (Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made some big oil deals with Putin over the past several years), China's teaming up with Russia is being sabotaged.  I am forecasting a huge global crisis in currencies in April, under the Venus direct station square Saturn at the galactic center.  The yuan, which has been suppressed in the past may come tumbling down the rabbit hole under the transit of Mars in Gemini, late April through early June.  China has been dumping U.S. treasuries for a number of years now, so this may cause them to dump more, resulting in our Fed having to buy back more of our debt (not a good thing).  They have a dictatorship conferred with absolute power, but the discontent of their people, who have tasted a prosperity that is now failing, may threaten to unseat the present government.

Japan's economy is "teetering."  They now have many more "retired" people living there than young people working and couples are not having many children.  Their banks have been in "zombie" status for years.  They have been unable to "fix" the Fukushima nuclear disaster that is still leaking.  Their Prime Minister was the first head of state to visit Pres. Trump right after the election, demonstrating how dependent they are on the U.S. as a top trading partner. Pluto is reaching the degree where the Uranus/Neptune conjunction was in the early 1990s, when their stock market crashed.  They own a lot of U.S. Treasuries.  If their economy fails, this will effect both their currency and ours.

This year's eclipses are reviving themselves from the last time they occurred in 1998.  At that time, Russia's economy collapsed, along with the giant hedge fund, Global Capital Management, who had call options on the Russian currency that completely "tanked."  The crises looming ahead will most certainly have a negative effect on Russia and its conflict in the Ukraine. 

The Middle East:

The extreme right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Donald Trump have recently reinforced a "nations against Iran" coalition that will threaten the international nuclear arms agreement forged under Pres. Obama.  In addition, Trump has opened the door to something "other" than a two state solution between Palestine and Israel that has been supported for many years by multiple presidents.  The transit of Mars in Taurus (where Israel has a lineup of planets) this month through the end of April, shows violence and warlike activity and further destabilizations in the region.  We may be marching toward a war with Iran.  Trump has also authorized U.S. troops entering Syria in combat units.  This will further destroy cities and the lives of people, increasing the refugee crisis there.  However, I do think there is hope for a peace agreement in the Syrian Civil War by this Summer.

Science, Energy and the Environment:

Mother Jones magazine in an article by Tim McDonnell (March 6, 2015) announced (about 2 years ago) that New York State has passed legislation dealing with how to aggressively slash carbon emissions through the burgeoning use of solar panels and windmills, without undermining the utility companies.  "By restricting utilities from owning local power generation and other energy resources, customers will benefit from a more competitive market, with utilities working and partnering with other companies and service providers," the commission said in a statement. New York has been encouraging installation of solar panels for a number of years and the movement is just beginning, as problems are being addressed and solutions proposed.

It has been announced by astronomers at MIT that a project involving multiple telescopes and massive data collection will be photographing the enormous black hole at the center of the galaxy in April.  Is this a coincidence with Saturn reaching the galactic center (at 27 degrees Sagittarius) between now and April, square Venus on April 14th?  Information about the origin of our universe and the "nature" of black holes will be collected, and will be a major forward leap in our understanding of our cosmic reality.  It has just been announced that seven earth-sized planets have been discovered within the so-called Trappist (1) system, all of which are close enough to their prospective suns to make biological life possible.  The more discoveries we make, the more we realize how little we really know.

This Year's Eclipses:

I have mentioned that series of Saros Cycle eclipses that repeat themselves (subtracting 18, 36, and 54 years from 2017).  In 1963, the huge event was the assassination of President Kennedy. In 1981, hostages were released from Iran and the  assassination attempt on Pres. Reagan occurred.  In 1998-99, there was a major conflict in the Balkans and Boris Yeltzin resigned as Prime Minister of Russia.  The thing that stands out the most for me, is the threat to the American and Russian heads of state. 


Final thoughts: Neptune and its dissolving of identity:

Humanity is having a truly significant "identity crisis."  Individual cultures, religions, and economies that gave people a sense of "belonging" to something have been threatened, questioned, and destroyed as Oligarchical Capitalism has gone "global" and created enormous wealth for a very few and displaced and impoverished the vast majority, referred to as the 99%.  Religious wars, thought to have disappeared long ago, have reappeared as bewildered people enter civil wars, move into Fascist governments, create terror attacks from extremist factions of race and religion, and millions of people leave their country of origin, shattering their root identities.  The worst case scenario is the tendency to "scapegoat" different ethnicities, religions and races, blaming them for responsibilities we all did not bother to assume as history was unfolding before us.

Published in The Guardian Dec. 1, 2016 is a moving and compelling essay by the famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking.  He realizes he is among the "elites" living in an "ivory tower."  He writes: "So the recent apparent rejection of the elites in both America and Britain is surely aimed at me, as much as anyone.  Whatever we might think about the decision by the British electorate to reject membership of the European Union and by the American public to embrace Donald Trump as their next president, there is no doubt in the minds of commentators that this was a cry of anger by people who felt they had been abandoned by their leaders.  It was, everyone seems to agree, the moment when the forgotten spoke, finding their voices to reject the advice and guidance of experts and the elite everywhere."  He goes on to say:  "For me, the really concerning aspect of this is that now, more than at any time in our history, our species needs to work together.  We face awesome environmental challenges: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans.  Together, they are a reminder that we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity.  We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not developed the ability to escape it."  The final part of the essay points to the solutions.  He states: "With not only jobs but entire industries disappearing, we must help people to retrain for a new world and support them financially while they do so.  If communities and economies cannot cope with current levels of migration, we must do more to encourage global development, as that is the only way that the migratory millions will be persuaded to seek their future at home.  We can do this, I am an enormous optimist for my species; but it will require the elites, from London to Harvard, from Cambridge to Hollywood, to learn the lessons of the past year.  To learn, above all, in a measure of humility."

Pisces and its ruler, Neptune, is the mythological ruler of the oceans, the weather, hurricanes, flooding.  Neptune wielding his "Trident" can create blinding fogs, stir up the seas with giant tsunamis, or calm them down surrounding the sailor with a sense of transcendent peace.  As the glaciers rapidly melt on the world's mountain ranges and in the Antarctic, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere massively warming the earth even more, and strengthening tropical storms, we are losing our lands, our connection to "place," and even a sense of what we are here to accomplish in the first place.  But Neptune reminds us that we still have the grand journey our souls must undertake, our starry connection to the cosmos, to the divinity that lies within that place of peace wherein the solutions lie in wait for us to know and understand.  Stay tuned!

Linda Schurman



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