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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

January 2017

Important Points of Reference (for Astrologers):

 Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer square Uranus and Jupiter and inconjunct Saturn on Jan. 12; New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius with Venus square Saturn and Mars inconjunct the Ascendant at 29 degrees Leo (conjunct Donald Trump's Ascendant and Mars) Jan 28; Mars at 23 degrees Pisces square Saturn and inconjunct Jupiter Jan. 18-19; Venus square Saturn and inconjunct Jupiter Jan. 26-28; Mercury conjunct Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn Jan. 29; Jupiter at 22 degrees Libra sextile Saturn Jan 10th (last sextile Aug. 27).

THE BIG EVENT:   Inauguration Chart for Donald Trump:  Jan. 20, 2017, 12:00 PM EST, Washington, D.C.

“May you live in interesting times.”  Ancient Chinese Curse

Whether you are still in shock about a man elected president who you see as a crazy demagogue and a serious danger to the country, or you are rejoicing that a person is now in office who will overturn the fossilized “establishment” and “make America great again” this person will be inaugurated under the planetary pictures symbolizing the revelations and challenges of this date, time, and place and will not escape the “fate”that it foreshadows.

Jupiter (enlarges and enhances) in the 6th House of health concerns and employment points to the promises Trump made to “put people back to work” and is sextile to Saturn (structure and format) in Sagittarius, a sign connected to other nations and is located in the 8th House governing taxes which he intends to reduce.  This points to his belief that all his efforts to reduce corporate taxation and alter trade agreements will bring jobs back into the U.S.  Some moves may actually return a small number of jobs, but in a very limited sense.  Jupiter is inconjunct Chiron (wounded healer) and Mars in Pisces in the 11th House (Congress).  These placements point to confusion surrounding what it will take to abolish the trade “agreements” or who should be  getting the substantial tax breaks without bankrupting the nation.  Also, Chiron in Pisces, a sign concerned with oil and chemical pollution and ensuing issues with climate change will reveal environmental disasters during Trump's term and ignite disputes about his continued support of oil and energy corporations whose history is to deny its effects.   Jupiter is also opposition Uranus (technology) revealing how computers and robots are replacing people in the work force.   Jupiter will also square Pluto again during the course of the year (late March early April and again in early August) pointing to global economic crises that lie ahead with crashes and recoveries seesawing back and forth until the end of the year pointing to a final sell-off on Wall Street.  Trump campaigned against "banksters" like Goldman Sachs and their strong support of Hillary Clinton.  He has appointed two former Goldman Sachs people to his cabinet, including the Secretary of the Treasury.  His appointments are filled with billionaires and Plutocrats whose history does not align with helping workers in any sense of the word.

Pluto in the 9th House of foreign affairs, is still feeling the effects of the Pluto/Uranus square whose angry, revolutionary tendencies are still at work.  However, it trines the Ascendant and is sextile Venus showing some success with foreign nations in forging new economic and trade agreements.  The Moon in Scorpio in this chart will trine Venus and sextile Pluto in September, which could signal a victory of this nature at that time.

The toughest aspect in this chart is the square of both Mars and Chiron (and later Venus) to Saturn in the 8th House of collective finance, crisis, death, and rebirth. As far as the President is concerned, he will be plagued by scandals and conflicts of interest that will raise questions about his constitutional right to remain on office.  I have long predicted that 2017 will be a year of reckoning on Wall Street, with global giant banks and their mega-derivatives trades (that are so shadowy and complex very few people in the world understand them) and the massive sovereign wealth debts accumulated over the past 20 years coming home to roost.  The first of these crises will likely happen the second half of this month , the second one in April through May (accompanied by Venus direct Station square Saturn showing a major crisis with currencies), and the biggest one to hit the U.S. between October and December as we descend into the worst part of a global depression that began in 2008 whose fundamental “ills” were never addressed.  This cycle reaches a bottom under the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in 2020, plus the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius at the very end of that year.  We will be unlikely to see a recovery until about 2023, accompanied by new leadership, a new economic paradigm, and breakthrough technologies such as nuclear fusion, a perfect battery, and broad based public support for citizens for whom the "age of steady employment" will have expired. Whoever is in office now will not likely to be be re-elected in 2020.

2017 Eclipses and Planetary Aspects:

Feb. 10, Lunar Ecllipse at 22 Leo, Feb. 26 Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces, Aug. 7 Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius and Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo.

The "standout" eclipse this year is the August 21 eclipse.  This placement occurred in 1914 (WWI) and 1933 (worst year of the Great Depression and the rise of the Third Reich in Germany).   More recently, this eclipse occurred in 1998 when a giant hedge fund (Global Capital Management) collapsed and the American taxpayer bailed it out.  This was the first time in history that the U.S. had rescued a hedge fund and led the way to the massive bailouts following the 2008 crash in Wall Street. This disaster took place because the fund bought "calls" on the Russian currency, which collapsed in this time period.  This coming eclipse is conjunct Donald Trump's natal ascendant and natal Mars. Transiting Mars and Mercury will conjunct this eclipse degree September 3rd. All this heightens Trump's aggressive tendencies and emphasizes conflicts between the U.S. and Russia. Trump's complimentary statements about Vladamir Putin may come back to "haunt" him.  The preceding Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius is opposition transiting Mars.  Transiting Uranus at 28 degrees Aries is trine the Solar Eclipse degree at 28 degrees Leo and may help to "save the day" in an otherwise dangerous, warlike environment. Trump's natal Sun in Gemini is right on the U.S. Mars square its Neptune symbolizing constant conflict, confusion, illusion and disillusion, while his Mars is opposition the U.S. Moon, explaining his conflicts with racial and ethnic minorities and women.  His cabinet appointments are filled with oligarchs, which he accused Hillary Clinton of courting.  This includes the CEO of Exxon/Mobile and a former head of Goldman Sachs.   The Moon represents the "public-at-large" and this points to how polarized this nation is in terms of passionately supporting his presidency or equally as passionately wanting him out of office.

Around the globe:

In this period, I think the cohesion of the European Union will be challenged.  We may see movements in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain to exit.  Japan's banks will likely be in trouble and the ongoing Fukushima nuclear meltdown, coupled with more tectonic disasters will continue to threaten its environment bringing this nation to its knees.  On April 14th, a retrograde Venus goes direct in Pisces square Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius at the galactic center, associated with financial "crashes" and currency crises.  China's economic “miracle” will diminish, their natural environment will worsen, and their military presence will increase as will their anger at the U.S., recently activated by Pres. Trump's invitation and visit with the President of Taiwan in December of 2016.  Russia will go through severe internal crises leading to wars to protect their interests and nuclear build-ups that Vladimir Putin has already indicated he will instigate.  Putin will increase his power until 2018 when Saturn transits Capricorn and begins a series of conflicts with his planets in Libra. The Middle East will continue to decline as more nations disintegrate into civil wars, their climate continues to “heat up” and water becomes scarce.  The strong dictatorships that have arisen in recent years in Egypt and Turkey will face conflict but will be likely to survive.  Although ISIS is diminished in power, Iraq will still face conflicts within its ranks as Saturn takes its toll on their chart with problems between Sunni and Shia factions and between the Kurds and their neighbor Turkey.  In the chart of Iran, the Feb.26th Eclipse is near their natal Venus, and Saturn will square their Mars/Mercury back and forth from Feb. through the end of Nov. challenging the nuclear agreement made with the West and showing unrest in their population.   As I have predicted in a previous newsletter, the war in Syria will likely finally end, coinciding with the August 28 degree Leo Eclipse on its MC/South Node and Jupiter in Libra (peacemaking) sextile their MC and trine and sextile their Nodes.  At that point, their population will have suffered near decimation.  India's chart (their Natal Sun) is hit by the Feb. Eclipse at 21 degrees Leo and the chart of their Prime Minister Modi is hit by the Feb. Lunar Eclipse while Saturn is square his stellium of planets in Virgo throughout the year; all of which shows major crises in its economy, environment, and leadership. France gets its Saturn return in 2017 with an inconjunct to its ascendant and a series of Pluto squares to its Libra planets, all pointing to leadership changes, more fears of terrorism, and conflicts within the general population about the direction their economy should take.

Big Issue - Cyber Security:

Sagittarius is a sign frequently associated with software design and global communication networks.  An eye-opening article in the Holiday 2016-2017 Issue of 'Vanity Fair' describes spy software that is possibly the most sophisticated ever created.  This hack technology was used to break into Apple devices effectively and was sold to nations whose governments were tracking "dissidents".  Apple responded eventually by blocking it, but those who discovered it saw that the technology was so advanced that it is capable of hacking into any mobile device.  The author says:  "As long as there are hackers, they will continue to find ways to hack any device that interfaces with them.  These dangers were highlighted this fall when a New England company found itself the target of a mass denial-of-services attack from millions of non-computer 'zombie devices" connected to the Internet, most notably baby monitors."  He goes on to say:  "What these cyber-arms dealers have done is to democratize digital surveillance', says the ACLU's Chris Soghoian.  "The surveillance tools once only used by big governments are now available to anyone with a couple of hundred grand to spend."

In my first book "What Next?  A Survival Guide to the 21st Century"  I recommended a profession to train yourself for if you always want a job and that is: writing cyber security software.  In a digital global society, tech is constantly changing and what was "safe" yesterday' is hacked today.  The recent admission that the DNC was hacked by Russia before the election is only the tip of the iceberg.  Humans have created a "monster" and 2017 is the year we will have to face it.

The Mercury Retrogrades:

April 9 through May 3rd, August 12 through September 4th, December 2nd through December 22nd.  It is advisable not to sign an important contract or start a new project under retrograde Mercury.  It is time to reassess and reorganize, edit and correct, during these time periods.  The direct station on May 3rd is conjunct Uranus bringing surprises and unexpected events and the direct station on September 4th is trine Uranus with a similar effect.


This month's aspects of Venus and Mars to Saturn and Jupiter deliver a very mixed set of signals and is often confusing.  The Jupiter/Saturn sextile is generally good for the economy and investments, but Venus, Mars, and Chiron all square Saturn the second half of the month present economic and financial crises on the horizon. Cold and wet weather will keep us wanting to stay indoors and there will be problems and delays at airports due to storms.  Protest movements will likely express themselves at the presidential inauguration.

The influence of Pisces in all our lives can be both confusing and inspiring.  We need to contemplate what our goals and ideals really are and find ways to express our feelings and insights through music, art, and creative writing.   We also need to find a place of peace and take time out from the frenzy of our times to rest.

Final Thoughts:

This is the year that the Winter Solstice will exactly conjunct the center of the Galaxy at 27-28 degrees of Sagittarius - something we became aware of in 2012, that occurs about every 5200 years.  It is a time of empires falling, enormous changes in our natural environment, challenges to our way of life and a summons to declare a new meaning and purpose to our lives.  For the first time in human history, we face a possible extinction of our species and most forms of life on our planet, largely due to the magnitude of our consumption and the breadth of the technologies we developed to accomplish it.

We need to ask ourselves questions such as:  Is this simply human "nature" which set us on this course?  Can we change "human nature"?  Does a new and more expansive landscape of human history lie before us?  Will we make a "leap" in understanding and awareness and will it come in time?  

Stay tuned...

Linda Schurman



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