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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

September 2016


Important points of reference (for astrologers)

Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo opposition Neptune and square Saturn on Sept. 1st; Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces square Mars on the 16th; Mars is trine Uranus on the 16th; Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until it goes direct on the 21st ; Mercury is trine Pluto between the 21st and the 23rd; Venus in Libra is opposition Uranus on on the 18th and is sextile Mars on the 19th; Jupiter goes into Libra on the 9th (and is transiting this sign until Oct. 11th 2017); Venus goes into Scorpio on the 23rd and is trine Neptune on the 30th.


The Virgo/Pisces Eclipses – Scandalous behavior and the One Per Cent:

The eclipses this month are tough. They are revealing, exposing, and highlighting how often many of the privileged and powerful behave with arrogance and disregard for rules the rest of the population are expected to follow but do not have a pack of lawyers and public relations consultants to protect them when they don't.

These days, the public is protesting a presidential election in America in which many would like to vote* “none of the above”  and this month's revelations may substantiate this expression. In addition to “questionable” and scandalous behavior on the part of both candidates, health issues may emerge for both of them that have been carefully hidden in the past and, ironically the issue of affordable health care which, most agree, has not been “fixed” by Obamacare. The debates will begin amid a swarm of protests.

*(an aside: remember, our votes likely will impact changes to the Supreme Court and Congress)

Speaking of health issues, a Virgo/Pisces subject, many health insurance corporations are withdrawing from the exchanges, central to the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and we may be facing a significant health care crises as a result. When the nation is polled, it is clear that anywhere from 60% to 70% of the population wants a single payer federal health care system that Congress refuses to even consider. Ruling elites do not have these concerns so they are doing nothing to help the public. To top all of this off, we may be facing an epidemic in the public health arena. Ironically, none of the 1% are exempt from the public commons in this respect. The recent scandal around the enormous price increase for EpiPen, a life-saving injection for those with life-threatening allergies and manufactured by Mylan is an example of corporate philosophy – “profits before lives” that has sadly dominated our culture for many years. I think the exposure of this event will actually help to “change the tide”.

The Economy:

I had a few ironic chuckles last month when Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated at the Jackson Hole Conference, that the economy was so “strong” she is reasonably sure she will be raising interest rates soon. Mercury is retrograde this month until the 22nd and there will likely be some “backtracking” concerning this issue. This is a difficult month for financial markets since most investors will be unclear where they want to go. Uncertainty is a negative for Wall Street speculators. European banks are in trouble and many are marching toward insolvency. One of my readers of last month's newsletter explained to me that the reason that interest rates of Dutch sovereign bonds went negative was because international investors fleeing other European investments increased their purchase of Dutch bonds, which caused their prices to go up and their resulting interest rates to go down. This was a most helpful comment. However, I will continue to predict several likely scenarios. The European union is in danger of collapsing; most nations are buckling under huge unsustainable government debt obligations due to population demographics; hedge fund and derivatives positions in big banks in Europe, and the U.S. are in trouble. Japanese banks have been troubled since the losses of 1990s. Their demographics (more retired citizens than those working), the unresolved Fukushima disaster and a global slowdown are all moving them toward a significant crisis. China is set to come into the SDR late this month and rumors abound that the United States is in danger of losing its universal reserve currency status. Possible currency insolvencies are looming ahead. However, I think the “big crash” will be more likely to take place in 2017 after the election is over.

The Pisces eclipse will put us in touch with the escalating world-wide water crisis: severe drought, severe floods, pollution of public water supplies throughout the industrialized world, and the need for technologies for the conservation and purification of water. This is an area I have recommended repeatedly for investors.

The Environment:

I would enthusiastically endorse the recent Special Issue of 'Scientific American' magazine that does an amazing job of addressing “the human experiment” and what they call “nine big questions” about our future; the mark we will leave on the planet and climate change being at the top of their list. Their coverage of human manufactured pollution of the earth, air, and water revealed by extensive scientific research that boggles the mind and will threaten to overwhelm most people to the point that they may simply turn away from these huge issues altogether.

However, there are also brilliant suggestions and solutions made in this issue which include economic reorganizations and transformations of consciousness that would lend hope to an otherwise dark landscape. Our society unfortunately, has been more about making money than making things, which includes the creation of solutions to problems that effect humanity and all life on earth. In spite of all this, human beings have an impressive history of enormous breakthroughs. If we collectively apply ourselves to these emergencies, we may actually figure it out. First, we have to get rid of world leaders who are “for sale or lease only” and are examples of exactly what got us into trouble in the first place. This month's eclipses will highlight these themes whether we want to see it or not. Big weather events will remind us that can't change the channel on this one!

Highlighted nations:

Venezuela: Their chart (September 22, 1830) is targeted this month by both eclipses. They are in absolute disarray since low oil prices have sunken their commodities economy and their “socialist” leadership has decimated private enterprise. I do not see a recovery on the horizon for this nation until the 2020s. There will likely be a change in their leadership of significance in April of next year.

Brazil: (September 7, 1822) This nation has been visited by a multitude of problems including a devastated oil economy, massive pollution, a government accused of corruption resulting in the impeachment of their prime minister, and wide spread civil protest. In spite of all this, the Olympics there was a success, marred slightly by a scandal around a swimmer. This month's lunar eclipse hits their Mercury (connected to their 8th house of finance) which will decide the direction the government will go, who will take over, and what they will do about their huge debts. Jupiter's transit into Libra sextile their Nodes and their Venus and Saturn's trine their Venus all in November will assist this nation. However, next year, Saturn will square this Mercury, dragging all these issues to the forefront again.

Nigeria: Their chart (January 15, 1966) is hit by this month's eclipses plus Uranus is square it's Sun and Saturn will square it's Uranus/Pluto conjunction in November this year. New corruption will be uncovered along with criminal activities there, and a change in leadership.

Ukraine: Their chart (Dec. 1, 1991) will see Jupiter going into Libra into their 4th House (national borders) as defining who and what they are as a nation between now and Oct. of next year. They are a focal point for a proxy war between America and Russia. Troops have been stationed by both sides in the area and NATO is heavily involved. With Pluto squares to their Moon all next year and square their Venus over the next several years, the conflict continues.

Syria: (January 1, 1944) Things are absolutely horrible in this devastated nation. However, the Jupiter going into Libra this month will bring a modicum of hope for peace in the area just beginning this month. Because Uranus is still square their Mercury until April of next year, the process will be erratic with the proverbial “two steps forward and one and a half backward”.

North Korea: (September 10, 1948) Both eclipses, afflicted by Mars this month hit this nation's chart and activate pretty serious tendencies toward war and violence. Both China and the United States will be conflicted about what to do about this isolated nation.

Turkey: (Oct. 29, 1923) The Solar Eclipse this month is exactly conjunct their North Node opposition their Uranus bringing up issues around alliances. A recent attempt to overthrow their government has resulted in severe crackdowns on the populace. They are engaged in the Syrian Civil War as refugees have crossed their borders, they are fighting the Kurds on their borders and questions are being raised about their talks with Russia and whether or not they are still an ally of the United States. Mercury retrograde this month is transiting back and forth over their fourth house (national borders), goes direct on the 22nd and will square their natal Moon at a critical 29 degrees in October, increasing uncertainty.

(All dates of origin of these nations are from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion.)

Jupiter in Libra:

Jupiter will transit into Libra September 9th and will be in that sign until October 10th of next year. Libra is a sign concerned with negotiations, the rule of law, balance, fairness, and peacemaking. It would encourage settlements in the multitude of civil wars that are circling the globe and may “take the edge” off the economic crises that lie ahead. Although the global financial crises are inevitable, this placement will at least assist people in negotiations and agreements around important decisions. Jupiter will oppose Uranus and sextile Saturn at the end of this year calling for innovative and unusual solutions to global economic inequality in the extreme. I will be discussing this transit more fully in future newsletters.

In general, this transit helps people with Libra placements in their horoscopes to feel more optimistic and be able to “move on” in their lives to better locations and create new social contacts and networks.

Final Thoughts:

This past month was an emotional one for me. I traveled extensively to visit family, friends, and did astrological consultations everywhere I went. I was in the presence of a number of people who are in the final stages of illness and are on their way to the next expression or, what some would say, is their journey into their next life. My own feelings pulled at me to want to desperately hold onto these special people who I have known for so many years and whose accomplishments I will always remember and admire. As the great poet, Dylan Thomas said “Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

Instead, I now am inspired with the light that does not die, the soul that does not disappear, and the memories that never leave my heart. Our journeys here will most certainly come to an end. Our physical format will terminate. Our history will be debatable for those who come after us. But the substance of which we are made is eternal, cosmic, and is written in the constellations above us. We are star material and will most certainly and most mysteriously, manifest again.


Linda Schurman



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