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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

May 2016


.Important Points of Reference
(for Astrologers):

New Moon May 6 at 16 degrees Taurus trine Pluto; Full Moon May 21 at 1 degree Sagittarius conjunct retrograde Mars; Mercury retrograde in Taurus goes direct May 22 and and is inconjunct Saturn the May 16 - 22; Jupiter goes direct May 9 square Saturn through May 31; Venus in Taurus is trine Pluto May 13; Venus enters Gemini May 24moving into a square with Neptune and Jupiter and an opposition with Saturn through June 5.




Taurus Takes a Stand and Mother Earth Speaks:

During the course of this month, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus transit the sign of Taurus, making contact with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, representing all three of the earth signs of the Zodiac.  The earth signs are unpretentious, realistic, and physical.  They are not known for theories but instead, deal with the cold hard facts.  Taurus is concerned with real estate, land, the health of the earth, and currency.  Virgo is concerned with the labor and work force it takes to make a living coupled with the physical health of people and the environment.  Capricorn is concerned with those in power; the giant banks, corporations, governments, and heads of state who frame and control the mechanisms of power.

Mercury is the planet that oversees communication and transportation.  Because of Mercury’s inconjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius (another transportation sign) between the 16th through the 22nd plus a Full Moon May 21st conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, I am issuing a general travelers advisory for this period.  Be very careful while driving and postpone significant trips.  Last month, Mercury in Taurus inconjunct Mars in Sagittarius coincided with an Amtrak crash.  Mercury calls our attention to high winds, frequently coinciding with tornadoes leading to severe flooding. 


The Economy and the World of Finance:

More information will be coming out about corporate and banking scandals.  “Globalism” creates a free-for-all for criminal activity, fraud, and escaping taxation across the planet, involving complicit governments in bed with the banksters.

The “communication” designation of Mercury is very interesting.  Last month when Mercury entered Taurus and made the inconjunction to Mars in Sagittarius, a gigantic scandal emerged.  Released from the Mossack Tonseca Law Firm in Panama, the so-called “Panama Papers” emerged that blew the whistle on heads of state and corporations all over the world, including Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin, Icelandic Prime Minister Gunnlaugssom,  UK Prime Minister Cameron, all of whom hid enormous amounts of money in Panama (under the names of close relatives) to escape detection and taxation in their various nations.  The first wave of this has implicated twelve current or former heads of state.  Oops!  Mercury retrograde this month will likely expose more scandals related to finances, raking the top guys over the coals, so to speak.   I think most of us have known about these practices for a long time. 

The Cayman Islands have been a favorite off-shore haven for many wealthy Americans.  Unfortunately, this “stashing of cash” in many instances is not illegal and brings our attention, once again, to the “rule of law” not applying to the richest humans.  The Cartel may not have to go very far as the most convenient tax haven for the mega-rich is the State of Delaware.

The FDIC recently reported that Bank of America Corp., Bank of NY Mellon Corp., JP Morgan Chase & Co, State Street Corp., and Wells Fargo failed the credible “living will” requirement of the “too-big-to-fail” banks.  Around this same time, Goldman Sachs settled their mortgage fraud law suit for $5.1 Billion. 

Recently, it has come to light in federal court that Deutche Bank has been manipulating the silver market.  As part of their settlement, they have consented to blow the whistle on other banks doing the same.  Recently, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics appeared on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog.  He stated: “This criminal activity has been going on for at least 20 years and this is just the thin edge of the wedge, in terms of an exposure of this criminal activity.”  He further elaborates:  “This rigging of the (metals) markets is a game that’s Anglo-American-centric... (and)...the epicenter comes out of the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Bank.  They’re the ones who give the marching orders to the banks - who now find themselves caught-up in a web, in which they were really just doing the grunt work for officialdom.”  Kirby comments on China who is backing their currency, the yuan, with gold.  He believes that this has been done with a view toward greatly diminishing the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  Last month, the US Federal Reserve bankers have held several secret meetings, followed by a meeting with the President and Vice-President, appearing to be planning to mitigate the damage which they, themselves have caused with their manipulation of the US dollar price of precious metals. 

As I have revealed in previous newsletters, China, Russia, India and other nations are making moves (storing huge amounts of gold and silver) to protect themselves from dollar inflation.  This points to the inevitability that the dollar’s reserve status is coming to an end, thus the entire currency system will face a “radical reset”.  My opinion is that this, along with negative global economic underpinnings, will lead to the Great Crash of 2017.  It may make sense to have gold and silver holdings for the time being, not as an investment, but to protect yourself from the dollar’s devaluation.  This month, financial markets will likely continue to move upward into June (which makes no sense) because Mercury and Venus in Taurus will trine Pluto and the Nodal Axis once again and will trine expansive Jupiter.  (Do you remember “irrational exuberance”?)  You may wish to pull back before the Middle of June when this “froth” slows down.


Weather, Earth Changes, and the Environment:

Mother earth will speak out this month in the form of weather that is increasingly crazy and unpredictable, reminding us once again of the effects of human induced climate change.  The need to repair highways, bridges, waterways, and our failure to do so will stand out this month as something important will emerge in the news revealing our crumbling infrastructure that is no longer theory but fact.  News will emerge about industrial farming’s practices of using weed killers and insecticides that are killing bees and butterflies without which we have no pollination.  The movement against GMOs will likely accelerate this month when Mercury goes direct on the 22nd.  The recent forces for the promotion of organic and locally sourced foods will also increase their activities, as will the political forces for labeling foods as to whether or not they are GMOs.

Mother Earth made herself felt last month with a huge earthquake in Japan and massive earthquakes in Ecuador killing hundreds of people.  In addition, Mt. Popocatepetl erupted in Mexico. This month’s retrograde Mercury in Taurus is repeating its positions from last month, as is retrograde Mars in Sagittarius suggesting more tectonic movements of consequence.

Published on, news April 19th, an article entitled “New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site is ‘Catastrophic,’ Worker Warns”, by Nadia Prupis exposes a terrible accident.  The article states:  “A leak at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state has prompted warnings of ‘catastrophic’ consequences, as workers attempt to clean up more than eight inches of toxic waste from one of the 28 underground tanks holding radioactive materials leftover from plutonium production.  Alarms on the site began sounding on Sunday, leading workers to discover 8.4 inches of toxic waste in between the inner and outer walls of tank AY-102, which has been slowly leaking since 2011 but has never accumulated that amount of waste before.  A former tank farm worker told local media that despite statements from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that the spill does not pose a threat to public health, it should be considered a major problem.  ‘This is catastrophic,’ the worker, Mike Geffre, who first discovered that the tank was failing in 2011, told King-TV on Monday.  ‘This is probably the biggest event ever to happen in tank farm history.  The double shell tanks were supposed to be the savior of all saviors (to hold waste safely from people and the environment).”

I think it is high time for our societies and nations to face the real and present dangers from aging nuclear plants and the constant problem with the storage of the highly toxic waste.  Germany has decided to shut down their nuclear fission plants and move toward sustainable energy production.  Fukushima in Japan remains an ongoing catastrophe.

Published on Alternet ( http:/ on April 22nd, the article by Nafeez Ahmed entitled:  “We Could Be Witnessing the Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry---Will it Take the Rest of the Economy Down With it?” is the most comprehensive article I have read spanning the present into the future with regard to the end of this era.  He reveals:  “In February, the financial services firm Deloitte predicted that over 35 percent of independent oil companies worldwide are likely to declare bankruptcy, potentially followed by a further 30 percent next year---a total of 65 percent of oil firms around the world.  Since early last year, already 50 North American oil and gas producers have filed bankruptcy.”   He also points to the enormous debt burden many of these companies are servicing “as much as $2.5 trillion, according to the Economist.”  The author covers the global climate emergency and the inevitable triumph of sustainable energy.  He foresees the possibility of our saving ourselves through massive organic farming and gardening which would absorb the carbon in the atmosphere, a re-localization of economies, sustainable energy production; all adding up to a civilization unrecognizable to us today.  This article is truly worth reading if you are looking for existential facts and real substantial hope for the future.


Debt - the Center of the Coming Financial Reset:

Governments here and around the world are swimming in debt, threatening the solvency of currencies.  Fossil fuel companies are swimming in debt threatening their existence.  According to the report from the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Bureau of Economic Analysis, business debt as a percentage of GDP through Q4 2015 (excluding off balance sheet liabilities) is at about 70%.  Private citizens here in the U.S., forced into low paying insecure employment are fighting to pay down college loans and mortgages and paying high taxes that the giant corporations and super rich are evading.  This is all behind the current crazy presidential campaign and the talk of “revolution”.  The giant banks are still trading derivatives globally at an estimated notional value of about $800 Trillion.  Any or all of these conditions could be the “black swan” that finally hits financial markets between now and 2017.

In both of my books, I have advised getting out of debt wherever humanly possible, owning cash- producing real estate, and storing gold, silver, and cash in a safe place.  Securities related to water conservation and purification, rich farmland, are all, in my opinion, good to own and hold as the future unfolds before us in ways we have never known before.  The earth signs love real  things. 


Foreign Affairs:

Brazil is in the process of “impeaching” their prime minister Yousef, battling their failing oil-based economy, dealing with the Zika Virus, and trying to get ready to host the summer Olympics while having to face thousands of cancellations.  The current  transit of Mars in Sagittarius is especially hard on this nation and many other Central and South American Nations.  Things may worsen this month.

Saudi Arabia’s leadership met with Pres. Obama last month as the publication of a previously withheld list of the 911 terrorists who were revealed to be mostly Saudis, looms.  Recently, Egypt handed over two Red Sea Islands to the kingdom.  This nation is a complexity surrounded by conspiracy encapsulated in secrecy.  For a long time now, because their chart is heavily hit by the Uranus/Pluto transits, I have been predicting this nation’s demise within its present structure.  They announced that they will not constrain oil production in order to boost the price of oil.  They have engaged the US in a horrible proxy war in Yemen in which they are attempting to restore their deposed head-of-state.  While Mercury and Venus are in Taurus this month, trining their Capricorn array of placements, they will tend to get their way.  However, conflicting forces within the royal family will tend to emerge in the Fall.

Russia will continue this month to challenge the United States and NATO in Eastern Europe since we have vessels in the Baltic and continue to oppose their presence in the Ukraine.  Their ongoing protection of Assad during the catastrophic civil war in Syria has driven a huge wedge in an already shaky relationship with us.  The millions of refugees from this region are taxing the European nations, whose economies are already troubled.  This is a humanitarian crisis not seen since World War II.  I do see a valid attempt to end this war in the Fall when Jupiter goes into Libra.


Final Thoughts:

Through most of my life, I have been attempting to navigate my personal journey into a place of greater wisdom, understanding, and compassion, while dealing with the materialistic demands of the culture and society in which I have to somehow “survive”.  There are so many people I know who are extensively educated,  creatively expressive, warmly supportive of their friends, and socially concerned.  Needless to say, these people, with a few exceptions, continue to struggle with the fact that money runs nearly everything in our time and without it, we “go down with the count”. At this point in time, nearly 50% of our population lives at or beneath the poverty line. This figure is sure to rise in the years ahead as the current economic system heads toward collapse.  We also have to reckon with people who are often the wealthiest and are the most self-absorbed and evading of social responsibility.  There are exceptions like those who run the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, to name some, who are using their wealth for a greater good.  But this does not correct our course.  Neither do any of the “isms” - Communism, Socialism, or Capitalism.  Humanity’s undoing through the ages lies in people’s willingness to abdicate responsibility to those with a concentration of wealth and power, whether they be monarchies, dictators, oligarchs, banksters, or heads of corporations.

Disguised today as “freedom of the press”, the corporate media specializes in propaganda, tabloid images and sound bites, dumbing down all those who accept this as the standard for news today. Our education system has taken civics out of classrooms so that our young people are frequently either uninformed or misinformed about the realities of our world today.  Critical thinking is off the table.  Social media, although sharing ideas and enriching contacts with others, is oriented toward making money through ads rather than sharing well researched information.  You cannot have a democracy without an informed public.

The founders of America had a revolutionary idea; a democratic government by and for the “people”.  The battle of the geniuses at that historic moment (Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton) about how to implement this, reflects many of our battles today.  Their historic time also presented us with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution with all of its ensuing unprecedented developments such as the explosion of energy as a result of the mining and burning of fossil fuels. Technological developments have transformed human societies and propelled us to a standard of living never dreamed of before.  We have now reached a point where mass production and consumption are threatening the existence of life itself.

Starting in 2020, planets that will transit Aquarius will reassemble these notions again, presenting new opportunities to revisit these great ideas, and innovate new technologies that supply energy and heal the planet in ways we have never known before.  Most of all, we need to conceive of an economy with an equal playing field; that is designed not only to survive but thrive; that is comprised of less concentration of power in the hands of the few, and that supports biological life on this planet.

All of this will require a grand consciousness shift that will evoke a fundamental change in human nature; a tapping into a greater intelligence and compassion that has been promised to us before in the many prophecies through the ages.

Let’s get started!





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Survive on your own terms


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We have read this book and plan to gift it to our grandchildren. It can be purchased at Amazon.

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 “My Near-Life Experience - How do I  know when I am really me?”

 By Veronica Entwistle


“My Near-Life Experience” is a book that once you start it, you can’t put it down.  The author’s touching and poignantly honest journal of her exceptional life as an intuitive is also an historic accounting of the fascinating consciousness expanding movement of the 60s and 70s and where this work is going on today.  Veronica’s constant companion is compassion, as she travels throughout the world, extending help and support wherever she goes.  Along the way, her personal tragedies are seen by her as the steps we all must take in life to grow, both emotionally and spiritually.  Most importantly, she also traverses the inner world, converses with those “departed”, and courageously stands in her truth as she develops a career in the media, interviewing people who are also travelers sharing their journeys into greater realities.  I was alternately fascinated, moved, and inspired by Veronica’s story and can’t wait until her next book.  This is a must read.  You can buy this book at

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