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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  .....from Hamlet by Shakespeare


May 2017

Important Points of Reference for Astrologers:

Full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio May 10, New Moon at 4 degrees of Gemini May 25, Mercury goes direct May 3, is conjunct Uranus May 9 and is trine Saturn May 11, Mars in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces on May 10/11 is trine Jupiter May 12 is sextile Uranus and opposite Saturn May 30, Venus in Aries is opposition Jupiter and inconjunct Neptune May 19, Mercury goes into Taurus May 16 and is inconjunct Jupiter and sextile Neptune ay  27/28, the North Node goes into Leo May 10 forming a grand fire trine with Uranus and Saturn and is hitting Pres. Trump’s ascendant.

Uranus and the Shock Factor:

Uranus, currently transiting through the fire sign of Aries, is well known for doing things “his way”, demonstrating his “maverick” tendencies, and getting into wars or conflicts that he may regret later. Historically, he is frequently behind populist revolutions and candidates running both here and abroad.  This month, he is connecting with newly direct Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Eris (the disruptor), enlarging his presence in the world and unleashing his legendary lightning bolts, his modern electrical conduits, his media messengers (Gemini) and showing us how shocking he really is.  Saturn’s current favorable aspects gives him the “authority” to pull this off, so all those who protest his actions will have to stand by as witnesses to his actions and their consequences.  Uranus is also behind major technological innovations and “surprise” inventions.  We could see breakthroughs in medicine, energy, sub-atomic physics, and web software. 

Financial markets will be destabilized.  Politics will be volatile.  Many will be scared and bewildered.  The threats of war with No. Korea will likely escalate.  China is more cooperative historically than they have ever been before and Japan is certainly on board with the U.S.  since they would be potentially “in the line of fire.”  No. Korea’s dictator is evaluated by many to be a sociopath and nonresponsive to reasoning or negotiating.   Mars (the ancient God of War) is very active this month and Pres. Trump’s rising Mars in his Natal Chart points to the truth of his campaign statement:” I love the Military”.   Fortunately, he has an excellent Secretary of Defense Mattis and National Security Adviser General McMasters on his staff, who know what they are doing and he seems to be listening to them.  The North Node is transiting Pres. Trump’s Mars and Ascendant (power of personality) this month and the full Solar Eclipse hits this important sector on August 21st.  In a nuclear age, the big powers have been careful to stock nuclear weapons but have no wish to use them since we would witness mutual assured mass destruction.  There are no such assurances connected to “maverick” nations.    There is a very real probability of military engagement on the part of the U.S. this month.   The astrology pointing to all of this is compelling, but not absolute.  The consequences of a war in this region would be devastating.  Let us all hope that sensibility prevails.

Transiting Uranus in Aries is in a series of positive aspects to Pres. Trump’s chart until March 5th of 2019.  Although his presidency will witness financial disasters, severe economic recession, threat of wars, he has a shot at remaining in power due to this factor.  This is a period I referred to in my books as “the second American Revolution” and he has been the self-publicized populist revolutionary candidate.  With the pileup of planets in Capricorn, the sign of old wealth and power, he will be unable to really topple the “Deep State”, the giant banks, and global trans-national corporations, although they may hurt themselves by being embedded in their nefarious activities.  As a billionaire business man, Trump has benefitted from the Cartel.  I am of the opinion that he never set out to threaten them and has no interest whatsoever in helping the working class of struggling people who voted for him.  The really dramatic shifts in power structures will not happen until the 2020s with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and Pluto’s transit into Aquarius.

My take on the president is that he is actually conflicted about this.  Many of his promises to the voters will not happen.  He will “tweet” about his accomplishments, but the people who voted for him will be disappointed in that he will not bring their old jobs back and people are already waking up to the probability that his corporate tax cuts will help the super- rich and not translate back to the public.   Over the past decade, giant mergers and acquisitions (eliminating jobs) have created a “monopolies economy” not seen since the early 20th Century.  A recent Princeton University study reported that a mind-boggling 94 percent of the nine million new jobs created in the past decade were temporary or contract-based rather than traditional full-time positions.  If and when self-driving vehicles become a reality, one half of the jobs men currently have will likely be reduced or eliminated.  The march toward a “jobless economy” continues and the president is not even addressing these realities.  Instead, he is proposing tax cuts for wealthy corporations and billionaires like himself reviving the old “trickle down” economics of the Reagan years and we all know what trickled down. The deficits that would result from all of this would be increased around $5.5 Billion.  He also proposes eliminating inheritance tax for millionaires and billionaires that cut revenue from the sector that can easily afford these cuts.

The fuss generated around Trump’s tax returns will be unlikely to cause him to publish them, but pressures will mount this month for him to do this as his official policies may benefit his business interests, highlighting his possible conflict of interests while in the White House.   I do think information around his taxes and business practices will “leak out” this month with the Mars transit in Gemini.  The investigation into Russia’s involvement in Trump’s campaign will continue to reveal their manipulations and who went along with it.  Michael Flynn’s associations with Russia, including money he received from them are highly incriminating.  Mercury, the communicator, reaches 19 degrees Taurus and will trine Pluto on May 31st, representing a consolidation of power around this investigation.

My hope is that Pres. Trump will be willing to change his position as he gains experience in the office.  Getting rid of white supremacist Steve Bannon was a good first step.  The presence in the White House of his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner may actually be helpful to him personally, although Ivanka’s business just got admitted into China after Trump’s meeting with the Chinese prime minister.

His extreme rightwing positions on the environment and climate, health care, education, immigration bans, and “building a wall” may not survive the resistance to these policies, but he is casting a shadow over the social progress this society has made in the past 50 years.   One trait that stands out in Trump’s personality, he changes constantly.  That may actually be his biggest asset – his willingness to learn and alter his course.  His Gemini “shapeshifting” personality could, ironically, be his best quality, especially if he gives up many of his most extreme positions.   Aries, the planet of upheaval and transformation, the “wake up” shock factor, may, strangely, be his friend in all this.

The Economy:

As I stated above, the economy will be extremely volatile this month.  Although markets soared at the end of last month, threats of war will likely throw a boomerang into financial markets and the markets may be strongly down by the end of this month going into June.  Wall Street has been able to “recover” and soar upward from hits in the past couple of months, even though the real underpinnings of the economy are not good. Debt levels have risen at an alarming rate, especially hitting young people with college loans they have difficulty repaying.  Retail stores are projected to start closing around the nation.  We are seeing a “frothy” real estate bubble that is bound to break in the near future.  Chaos is not a friend to investors, which was behind the recent gold rush, a commodity that has been manipulated by the Cartel for years and who move it downward on the future exchanges when it suits their purposes.  Pres. Trump instituted a tariff on Canada’s lumber imports into the U.S. but has, so far, done nothing to stop their oil pipelines across this nation. There is a movement to “renegotiate” rather than eliminate NAFTA.  The giant tax cuts for the wealthy, which Pres. Trump claims will generate jobs and pay for itself has, historically, never generated jobs and paid for itself.  His attempts to “reform” health care have run into a wall.  Sen. Bernie Sanders and other Democrats have introduced a bill into Congress for a single payer system (Medicare for all) that is popular with millions of people, including doctors.

The planetary cycle we are in right now is similar to the big bubble markets in 1929, 1987, 2000, and 2007 – all which resulted in crashes, bear markets, and recessions/depressions.  The August 21st eclipse also points to a “peak” followed by a sell-off.  I think there will be no doubt about all this by the end of this year.

Other Nations:

Turkey’s electorate voted last month to move power out of their parliament and to consolidate power in the hands of its President Erdogan for the first time in modern history.  Pres. Trump issued “congratulations” to him even though this is a blow to democracy in that nation.  I have pointed to stresses in the chart of modern Turkey in recent newsletters and the nation has been mobbed by protesters and political rebellions.  Erdogan is now close to being an absolute dictator, but will not see the end of demonstrations for a while.

No. Korea has been hit by a series of eclipses last year and are doing nuclear tests which, as we all now know, has elicited threats from the Trump administration.  As Mars transits Gemini, it is squaring these eclipse degrees this month.  The U.S. is building up military forces in the region and No. Korea is launching military exercises.  This is the most dangerous part of the world right now.

China’s chart has historically responded to Mars in Gemini and will be taking a more active part in the conflict with No. Korea.  Pres. Trump’s meeting with the Prime Minister was considered successful and they could influence the choices No. Korea makes.

Israel has recently made an announcement.  The Financial Times reported last month: “Israel on Monday (April 3, 2017) formally signaled its ambition to become an exporter of energy to Europe, signing a preliminary agreement with Cyprus, Greece and Italy to pump natural gas across the Mediterranean via a planned $6 billion - $7 billion pipeline.  The (Israeli Energy) minister said he had discussed the plan and other Israeli energy projects with JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other banks and that potential investor interest was enough to ‘pave the way for a very good and speedy project.’”

Russia’s interference in our recent presidential election is well known at this point and they are now being surveilled for their probable cyber interference in the highly polarizing elections in Europe.  This is roughly the equivalent of a “cyber war” for which there is no provision in NATO.  There are likely to be discussions in the NATO alliance about this and it will be a challenge for the U.S. to lead these debates since evidence currently under investigation points to their favoring Trump last November.  Russia’s economy is in big trouble, although Putin may be the richest man in the world.  Russia’s problems will be highlighted by the two August Eclipses.

Weather and natural events:

With Uranus, active and Mars traveling through Gemini, expect extreme weather conditions involving high winds this month.  The North Node is hitting the coming Eclipse degree of Aug 2, 2017. This eclipse will be visible and will travel across the Northwestern U.S.  Similar aspects in 1980 triggered the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State.  These aspects could also trigger airline accidents and uncertainty in this industry.

A Template for Environmental Transformation:

An article published in The Christian Science Monitor entitled “The World’s Greenest Island” ( presents us with an inspiring story about Samso, Denmark, a tiny island that has become “recognized around the world for attaining energy independence.  The island met this goal 10 years ago using a mix of wind, solar, and biomass, and now it’s working toward one of the utopian goals of environmentalists everywhere – eliminating all fossil fuels, by 2030.”  They go on to report that “renewable energy can be harnessed in an economical way.  Indeed, many of the farmers on the island are now making good money from selling electric power generated by collectively owned windmills and wind turbines.”  Although Denmark, as a whole, still uses fossil fuels emitting greenhouse gases and has a long way to go to produce most of its energy sustainably, this is definitely a step in the right direction.  The article is worth reading to get a sense of the progress that is being made and that it is possible.

I came across an article on Business Wire published July 11, 2016.   The article announces: “Brilliant Light Power, Inc. announced today that it has continuously generated over a million watts of power from a new primary source until the cell vaporized from the intense heat.  The power released by the conversion of hydrogen atoms from water molecules into a lower energy form called ‘Hydrino’ or dark matter is manifest as brilliant-light emitting plasma wherein the light is uniquely and extraordinarily essentially all high-energy light in the extreme ultraviolet.  Using four cross-confirming methodologies, five validators have confirmed over a million watts of plasma power developed by BrLP’s so-called SunCell at power gains of over 100 times the power to ignite the Hydrino reaction, and at power densities higher than any previously known energy source.”  The energy revolution is continuing its progress at a much more rapid pace than many originally assessed.  However, these results need to be tested and confirmed in other laboratories.  It is innovation like this that will transform our civilization as we move into the 2020s and the “true” Aquarian Age.

Final Thoughts:

Living through these dark and turbulent times is a challenge to the human psyche, bringing out a plethora of emotions and often extreme reactions to events in the world, in our nation, and in our neighborhoods.  Somewhere along the way, we need to stop reacting and look inward.  We may recognize that the “enemy” resides within us in the form of paralyzing fear, notions of victimization, and feelings of helplessness.

More than ever before, we need to access the peace that resides deeply within the center of our being.  Here, the mirror of our soul reflects back to us a strength, wisdom, and determination we never realized we had.  Suddenly, we recognize the alliance between ourselves and the eternal substance of the universe itself that can never ever be destroyed.  It is only then that we can lift our eyes to the skies at night and see the starry prophecies and promises that have been written there through the ages that speak to us even now.  They lend inspiration and hope to us that we shall be sustained.


Linda Schurman



"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part,  I am willing to know the whole truth;  to know the worst;  and to provide for it."  .....Patrick Henry


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