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   October 2015

Important Points of Interest to Astrologers

Mercury goes direct on Oct. 9th  sextile Saturn and conjunct the North Node at 00 degrees Libra on the World Point, Jupiter is trine Pluto on Oct 11th, Mercury is square Pluto on Oct. 23rd , Mars is inconjunct Uranus and Venus is trine Pluto on Oct. 24th,  New Moon at 19 degrees Libra on Oct. 12th opposite Uranus, Mars is opposition Neptune on Oct. 7th, Venus is opposition Neptune on Oct. 17th as Mars is trine Pluto, Full Moon at 3 degrees of Taurus inconjunct Saturn Oct. 27th,

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces Nov. 26th 2015, June 18th 2016, Sept. 10th, 2016:

The realities of our times vs. ideology and visions of times to come:
Saturn is a planet whose symbolism is associated with  organization, support, security, and function in the material world.  His effort goes toward law and order; social contracts that keep people from running in opposite directions; projects that provide infrastructure to insure the survival of nations and peoples.  He likes clearly defined rules and does not like change unless it proves itself to be superior, both logically and scientifically.  He can subject perceived “violators” of his rules to severe punishments ranging from isolation to death.  He usually resides on platforms and institutions that implement power, either to society’s benefit or destruction.

Neptune is a planet of mystery, mists and images that all arise out of chaos, the “deep”, and the unknowable.  He arises to manifest from the unconscious into the conscious mind of individuals and collective societies indirectly, through symbols.  Neptune represents the somewhat scary journey into “all that is”, leaving the safety and comfort of family, society, and life as we know it behind.  He brings to the surface our deepest fears and our most profound mystical experiences; his territory spanning  our journey into darkness to our leaps into genius.  He enables us to go to sleep.  He enables us to dream.  He “hooks us on drugs”.  He awakens us to “heaven” and all that is beyond the ordinary.  He creates us, he destroys us, and he reimagines us.

The sign through which Saturn is currently transiting is Sagittarius (a fire sign), whose territory covers higher education, international travel, the law, spectator sports, the study of philosophy and religion, the world-wide spread of information, financial speculation, and global trade and economics.   Since the 1970s, we have experienced Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto moving through Sagittarius, globalizing corporations and banks, deregulating Wall Street, expanding our journey into outer space, inventing the worldwide web and the computing revolution, and witnessing the rise of religious fundamentalism, the most extreme being the emergence of ISIS.  We are also experiencing the hottest global mean temperature in recorded history.

The sign Neptune is currently transiting is (water sign) Pisces (since April of 2011), it’s “natural” placement, highlighting the  journey toward openness and chaos, compassion and fear, confusion and genius, drug addiction and breakthroughs in medicine and the healing arts.  We have witnessed legalization of gay marriage and the LBGT movement toward social acceptance. Some states in the U.S. are legalizing the sale of marijuana, recognizing its medicinal benefits.  We are seeing major breakthroughs in medicine and uncovering the origins of many of the diseases that plague us.   Neptune dislikes barriers and restrictions and prefers inspirations that “flow” into one’s consciousness similar to the way artists, musicians, filmmakers, and actors have expressed themselves through the ages.  Neptune also rules  chemicals, liquids, and most importantly water, the staff of life itself.  We are experiencing profound climate change, resulting in severe drought and water scarcity in many locations on earth, as well global chemical pollution and the frequent appearance of tsunamis and giant floods.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are increasing in frequency and intensity , threatening the very stability under our feet.

As these great planets conflict with one another, deceptions will be exposed, corruption and misuse of power will come out into the light, institutions will begin to crumble, economies will fail,  many people will die and mourning and grief will emerge for all those lost through tragic wars and useless conflicts.  Lessons we should have learned from human history’s bloody confrontations with one another will be presented to us again.  The evolution of human awareness will become a mandate if we are to survive in this landscape.  Much of this has already begun, but we will likely realize that these tragedies are not only from distant nations, but we are all in this together.  Those areas of the world that are coming apart will “blow back” to the rest of us as we have already witnessed through the crash of the Chinese stock market, and millions of refugees from the wars in the Middle East and failed states in Africa and Central and So. America.  Mars goes retrograde at 8 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct the fixed star Antares on April 17th, 2016.  This placement is associated with war and is conjunct Saturn near that degree and square Neptune the week of Aug 22, 2016. It is opposite the U.S.A. Uranus that, when activated, has involved us in wars overseas in the past.  In 2017, Saturn reaches the financial “crash” degree of 27-29 degrees of Sagittarius which was present in 1929, 1987, and 2008.

Between now and 2020, I would call this period “the great unraveling” or the “disestablishment of the establishment”.  We are constantly being warned about the danger of “terrorism” , especially associated with ISIS who wants to be the reigning Islamic state in the Arab world and is trying to kill and destroy everything in its way.  U.S. Foreign policy has been a major contributor to this as we have bungled into the region to secure oil rights, disrupting many nations there with the worst mistake of all, invading Iraq, that is now virtually a failed state.  Afghanistan is in turmoil, Libya and Yemen are failed states and Syria is in a civil war of such magnitude that its population is migrating out all over the world.  Our news media has virtually ignored the major factor in all of this: climate change.  The great rivers in this region are drying up and temperatures are reaching record-breaking highs (150 degrees in Iraq this summer).

Here in the U.S., whoever is elected President will likely be there for one term only.  It really blows my mind the lack of conversation about how seriously “close to the cliff” we are; how eminent the possibility of a stock market crash really is along with a possible banking failure, serious military engagements abroad - all things we thought we recently avoided.  That person will discover we merely kicked the can down the road. The nation’s discontent is raising per centages in the polls for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who are considered “outsiders”. 

We are wasting our time looking at side shows (debates) on television that are “weapons of mass distraction” by candidates who are either clueless or simply so self-absorbed they are blind to what is not only important, but necessary to our survival.  Other nations are looking at this in “horror” since we are the most powerful military nation in the world, spending a whopping 57% of our budget on weaponry.  Meanwhile, the Republicans in Congress in their effort to “defund” Planned Parenthood  threaten to shut down the government again.  John Boehner, the Speaker of the House has announced his resignation.

I will be discussing these planetary pictures again in future newsletters, closer to their appearances, as this all plays out.    I will analyze charts of candidates for the presidency after the nominations have taken place.  I can say, there will likely be a major “changing of the guard”.  Those who have wielded the most power will go down.  New/old notions that working together to improve our lot is better than glorifying self-absorbed individuals taking what they can from everyone else.  Recently, a former hedge fund manager bought a major HIV drug and raised the price of one dose to hundreds of dollars.  When somebody is allowed to do this, we may witness the re-emergence of AIDS again which could spread through the populace.  What better example of ruthless, unregulated capitalism.  People are properly outraged.  This may lead to a reversal of trends and an awakening of people to the consequences of a system that is not working.


The Economy:
Mercury goes direct Oct. 9th on the No. Node opposite the World Point.  Crises are erupting in global financial markets and wild fluctuations will take even the most savvy investors by surprise. Mars is opposite Neptune on the 6th and inconjunct Uranus on the 23rd.  I look at Mars frequently because it symbolizes action.  In this kind of atmosphere, with Mars in mutable Virgo, people will tend to be wild and unpredictable.      

In general, markets will trend downward into late November when Saturn is square Neptune.  I have predicted real estate markets will decline and national statistics show over a 4% decline in real estate home sales in August.  Many of the “bubbles” will be breaking in this sector.  Remember that “all real estate is local” and that this may not apply to all areas.

I have predicted more scandals emerging in the world of finance in past newsletters.  Last month, I read on on September 17th, an article entitled:  “Primary Dealers Rigged Treasury Auctions, Investor Lawsuit Says” by Alexandra Scaggs and Matthew Leising.  They write: “The same analytical techniques that uncovered cheating in currency and the Libor rates benchmark resulting in about $20 Billion of fines, suggests the dealers who control the U.S. Treasury market rigged bond auctions for years, according to a lawsuit.. . . . .filed in Manhattan Federal Court on Aug. 26th by Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP and other firms.  The plaintiffs built their case against the 22 primary dealers who serve as the backbone of Treasury trading, including Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co. And Morgan Stanley - using data from Rosa Abrantes Metz, an adjunct associate professor at New York University, who provided expert testimony in rigging cases.  Her conclusion: more than 2/3 of a certain type of Treasury auction appear to have been rigged.”

Whether it is currency, commodities, stock futures, etc., there is evidence of rigging by these same banking giants.  They are being sued, prosecuted, convicted, and fined - but not stopped or jailed.  How long can these institutions get away with all this?  That is the question!  This month’s planetary patterns reflect huge instabilities.  With transits on the U.S. Neptune by month’s end, there will be confusion about what would work to stabilize the economy.  I would suggest people be out of this market.  Hold onto your cash and remain on the sidelines.

Foreign relations:
In September, we saw a convention of world leaders at the United Nations, that is  currently celebrating its 70th birthday.  Pres. Obama met with the prime minister of China, Iran, and, most importantly, Vladimir Putin.  The Virgo planets currently  favor Putin and Russia on the world stage.  Russia’s economy is in bad shape, but its military presence in the Ukraine and now in Syria is of huge importance.  When Pres. Obama met with Putin, he needed to forge “deals” with him involving ISIS in Syria, Assad ‘s eventual exit, and who will lead in Syria.  These conversations are kept secret and we may not know for some time what really transpired.  Saturn, and, later Mars positions point to the U.S. Increasing military presence in the region.  North Korea’s chart has been strongly activated by last month’s solar eclipse and the transits currently in Virgo, mainly Jupiter, point to their leader’s desire for attention.  This is an area in which we need to work with China behind the scenes.

Weather & Global Tectonics:
This is a month of serious hurricanes, especially around the Mercury station on Oct. 9th through the 31st.  Virgo planets (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) reflect high winds, droughts in some locations.  Thus, in coastal areas, there may be major storms, while inland areas, especially on the West Coast, suffering high dry winds resulting in fires.  Between the 6th and the 17th of October, Mars and Venus will oppose Neptune, symbolizing earthquake or volcanic activity.  The end of this month, both Venus and Mars go over the U.S. Neptune which, in the past, has shown earthquake activity in the Western U.S.


Environmental Impact Solutions:
Recently, I read a review of a book (on entitled “The Bridge to the Future’, published in Norway.  The reviewer states:  “It brings together representatives of an unprecedented movement - built through many years of patient collaboration between environmental organizations, trade unions and forces within the state church - for 100,000 climate jobs.  These green jobs are seen as bridges; between the immediate needs we have for secure, decent work and the needs of all life on the planet to avert climate catastrophe; and, crucially, between Norway’s oil addiction and a sustainable future.”  This demonstrates that people and nations are working toward real solutions that make sense for both the environment and economies.


The Visit of Pope Francis:
Highlighting Pope Francis’  influence in these most challenging times,  the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius is currently moving over his Natal Sun.  A solar eclipse will hit his natal Saturn in Pisces in his 8th House of “death and rebirth” on March 9th, 2016.  I think he is aware of his frail health and is pushing hard toward the major changes that need to be made within the Catholic Church and in the world-at-large.

This most humble and deeply spiritual man has moved and inspired people of all faiths to serve the “greater good”, whether it is for solutions to global climate change, or changing the direction of those of wealth and power who have abused and ignored the poor, to embracing and including immigrants, to reaching beyond church doctrine to embrace all people.  The core of Christianity and other great world religions is the recognition of the divine in all of us.  The Catholic Church has had a rigidly hierarchical form of governance through the ages.  This Pope dissolves this on a personal level, by moving warmly and lovingly among the crowds.,  He had lunch in a homeless shelter during his visit, and frequently interrupted formalities to touch ordinary people in the church and in the streets.  He has reminded us here in America of our original heritage of freedom, liberty, and equality of opportunity for all.  By his manner and actions, he has moved and inspired even the most cynical and disillusioned of us to remember that we have the capability to sincerely care about one another and change the direction of humankind.

Final Thoughts:
As the Sun and Mercury transit the sign of Libra, I am reminded of the lessons this sign presents to all of us.  It is about the “scales of justice”, a balance of power between private enterprise and governance, the rule of law, the ideal of equal opportunity, the spirit of negotiation and compromise so that work can be accomplished that benefits the society as a whole.

This sign and its ruler, Venus, has both troubled and uplifted  human societies through the ages.  The Maya and Aztec civilizations launched bloody wars timed to the rising of the planet Venus.  Other cultures saw Venus as the planet of marriage and appreciation of beauty, expressed through nature goddesses and the fine arts.  The problem is: how do people who are different in their cultures and beliefs, learn to wage peace rather than war, share rather than hoarding resources, and dispense justice and fairness.  How do we confer and communicate with one another in an atmosphere of distrust and fear?  How do we avoid the “demonization” of the “other” and instead, experience the fact that all of us are of the same substance, created out of the same cosmic fire and dust that formed the earth itself?

I am convinced we must open our hearts and minds to the possibility that a transcendent love exists that is available to all of us.  Contained within this knowledge are the great insights we need so desperately in these times.

By watching the miraculous birth of a child, hearing music that brings tears to our eyes, gazing at mountains and seas so stunningly beautiful we cannot move, someday, we will recognize that these moments are not sentiment, but are the “real thing” - the reason we were born - what we were meant to see, who we were meant to be.

Stay tuned!


Linda Schurman

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Note: I welcome all your comments whether they are critical or complimentary.  This site represents astrology as a tool for a deeper understanding of the themes and issues of our times.  This period in which we all live may be the most critical time for human civilization ever!  It is my wish that we all do our best with whatever talent we have been given, to further the survival and evolution of life on planet earth!

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I have been working steadily on this publication for nearly four years.  The research I have done has been a "wake-up call" for me as I have tracked the historic trajectories that have led us to where we are now: at the critical point of choosing either extinction or illumination.

However, I am greatly encouraged at discovering that many people are developing new and innovative technologies that can solve the coming energy crises and are conceiving of new, more egalitarian economic systems and societal transformations.  These pioneers may help us to navigate this "age of transition" from cannibalizing our planet to living in concert with the earth and each other.

Our journey through the great constellations has taken us to this place in time, this powerful historic point, this great challenge to human survival and evolution.  It will take great courage on all our parts to open our hearts and minds to the level of truth needed to fulfill the great prophecies given to us through the ages.  I think we can do it!



 A Survival Guide to the 21st Century

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Ms. Schurman has been predicting our predicaments for over thirty years.  She highlights how to survive and thrive financially within an entirely new context.  She illustrates how we will likely invent our way out of the looming energy crises.  Her insights shed light on how to restore health to the earth, inspiration to the individual, and meaning to the community.  She answers the question we are all asking: "What can we do now?"


About the author:

LINDA SCHURMAN has had a private practice in astrology for over thirty- four years.  She serves an international clientele that includes corporations, financial service companies and private individuals.  Linda holds a B.A. in English and Education and is the author of numerous articles.  She is currently editor and publisher of the newsletter "The SootheSayer" which is in print and online at (  A long-standing member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, she has appeared on radio and television.  A mother to five grown children and grandmother to six, she resides in Ithaca, New York.

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Linda Schurman has maintained a private practice in astrology for more than 34 years. She is also a studious observer of the larger world stage, including domestic and global politics, climate change, financial markets, and social justice.

What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century is a concise book that addresses the daunting issues of our time. This book is clearly written for non-astrologers. The specific astrology in the text is minimal; however, the author offers an educated view of the challenges we all face. The information, though directed to the general public, provides a timely and useful context for the concerns that clients bring to practicing astrologers every day.

The first chapter, "Pluto in Sagittarius (Nov. 1995 - Nov. 2008)," sets up the immediate background of where we are now by recapitulating the big themes of these years - Globalization, Financial Speculation, Religion, Law, Education, and the Media.

The next three chapters cover a similar range of themes and are organized around the outer planets' transits: Uranus in Pisces (Mar. 2003 - Mar. 2011); Neptune in Aquarius (Jan. 1998 - Feb. 2012) (Septile Pluto 2001 - 2011); and Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2024), Uranus in Aries (2011 - 2018), Neptune in Pisces (2011 - 2026).Schurman also writes on the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (Dec. 2020)and offers a chapter on "Sedna - A Planet of the 21st Century." Although the book is organized by astrological motif, and there are key astrological charts in the Appendices, the body of the text is informed by the work of (non-mainstream) journalists and economists.

Given the subject matter, Linda Schurman's book has a necessarily unflinching tone; she diligently refers to research on global warming, the energy crisis, corporate and political corruption, and other such matters. This author writes a large story in accessible language. She combines a view of the forces at work in the greater world with a positive and practical set of ideas for managing life in these often overwhelming times. For example, Schurman makes "prophecies" and suggestions throughout the book: Chapter 4 contains sections on the Worst-Case and Best-Case scenarios, as well as "The Quiet Revolution - Moving into the Solution" and "New Frameworks of Consciousness." Chapter 3 includes some investment recommendations and has a special section on solar design.

Linda Schurman is facing reality and yet also holds an impressively hopeful vision for the future. If you feel confused by the complexity of the times, her book will help you to sort out what has happened, who is responsible - and what we can do now (as she writes in the Introduction) to help ourselves become "able to 'invent' our way out of even the most profound set of challenges."

- reviewed by Mary Plumb

by K. Diaz

5.0 out of 5 stars A Practical and Spiritual Survival Guide for the 21st Century, September 12, 2007

There are several doomsday books that have been written that question our ability as a species to survive the threat of global warming, the impending energy crisis and a world that is imploding with new super bugs and looming pandemics, all of which are eventually guaranteed to wipe out civilization as we know it. This book, written by a well-renowned and incisive astrologer, not only points out the harsh truth about what the future holds for our planet and its people should we decide to continue our xenophobic thinking and behavior; it also provides hope through concrete scientific information, backed up by several references from well-respected professionals in their specific fields. The author also shows, through previous astrological patterns, how we are destined to repeat our mistakes with much graver consequences unless we choose to raise our consciousness in a way that connects us with every thread that runs through the universe and to realize that we all individually and collectively play a part in the future of our Mother Earth. The message that she brings to the table is that we are all our brothers' keepers. The book is concise and easy to read without the usual technical vernacular used in most astrology books, although it provides charts of nations and events to prove her points to the astrology student or professional. A beautifully written book that provides hope for change and a different future for our children and grandchildren in a world currently devoid of compassion and understanding for one another.

Bonnie Neely

5.0 out of 5 stars Important NOW Book, August 28, 2007

What Next? by Linda Schurman is an astute account of the world's affairs, political, ecological, and economic, as they are today. Linda, a well-known astrologer makes dire predictions about where we are headed as a world, but she emphasizes it is up to us...we have choices, because although the planets and heavens have patterns that are read as given proclivities to certain events, they are not absolute because mankind's will can change events or prevent some. The book is important reading for our time, because we are running out of time for changing our fate. For professionals, Shurman gives official astrological charts to back up all her predictions. For the general public, we need this book to wake us up to what will likely happen if we don't act now. A MUST READ! I highly recommend this book.

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