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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

December 2016

Important Points of Reference (for Astrologers):

Full Moon at 22 degrees of Gemini opposition Saturn, sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter (occurs exactly on Donald Trump's Sun/Moon opposition on Dec. 13th; New Moon at 7 degrees Capricorn conjunct retrograde Mercury and sextile the Mars Neptune conjunction Dec. 29th;  Mars will trine Jupiter Dec. 1st, sextile Saturn Dec. 2nd and sextile Uranus Dec. 6th; Venus enters Aquarius Dec. 8th ( through Jan. 2nd) and will trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and sextile Uranus on the 25th.  Mercury goes retrograde Dec. 18th conjunct Pluto and will go direct on January 7 and the Sun is conjunct Neptune on Dec. 30.

The Beginning of the End:  President Donald Trump and the last blast of Pluto and the Robber Barons

Since its inception, the United States has wrestled with the ideal of Democracy, shared prosperity, a public commons, and populist rule living alongside the dominance of Capitalism and the ascendancy into power of  bankers and billionaires, whose claim to legitimacy lies in making the most money and having the right to keep it. The government has been seen as a balancing factor wielding the “rule of law”, using tax money to finance public infrastructure, regulating the world of finance, protecting the environment, and policing the commons.  The contrasting view has been that governments  have been accused of over-regulation and interference in the functioning of enterprise.    History has taught us that the power of central governments vs. the dominance of private enterprise has swung back and forth through the centuries, defining the positions of political parties.  The best times have been when the two formed “checks and balances” , just as the three sections of government; the legislative, executive, and judicial are accountable to each other.  Such was the genius of America's founders and the writers of the Constitution.  This also defined  their highly charged conflicts with each other as to who should be making the decisions and who should be set free to create their own pathways to success.

The Great Depression of the 1930s, following the era of the “Robber Barons”, taught us that laissez-faire  Capitalism coupled with casino style speculation in financial markets not only did not work, but crashed the economy-at-large, costing people their jobs, their futures and, for many, their lives.  At the end of WWII, government investment in jobs, infrastructure, and education built the most prosperous economy we have ever known.  Fossil fuels provided  the greatest energy complex in the U.S. and throughout the industrialized world in history.  This, coupled with invention and innovation, built the highest standard of living for Americans the public had ever experienced.  It has also led to over-population, world-wide pollution of water and air, global warming and climate change that scientists inform us could lead to mass extinction of life on earth.

Since the 1970s, due to many things, including:  the abandoning of the gold standard for the dollar (due to our nation's near bankruptcy for financing the war in Vietnam and extensive anti-poverty programs), labor and environmental laws making it cheaper for  factories and corporations to move themselves out of the U.S., the “oil crisis” fueled by the revolution in Iran threatening the “petrodollar”,  jobs have moved out of America and the notion of “Globalism” has taken over.  Some of the pain was alleviated in the 1970s by women moving into the workforce, in the 1980s by the “computer revolution” employing software engineers, and the 1990s by the “internet revolution”  and the emergence of the now infamous “.com” corporations.  All of this postponed the inevitable;   massive unemployment due to outsourcing to cheap labor abroad and, most profoundly,  automation (machines replacing the workforce).

International so-called trade agreements such as NAFTA (signed in 1993), the deregulation of the banks leading to massive “finacialization” of the now infamous sub-prime mortgages and mind-boggling derivatives trading on the part of the banks, led to the great “crash” of 2008.  We still have the trade agreements.  In addition, Pres. Obama has been pushing the TPP which is NAFTA on steroids.  These agreements allow corporations to off-shore their taxes, outsource their labor forces abroad, and, most of all, give transnational corporations the right to sue any nation that “gets in the way of their profits” in the so-called International Tribunals.  They also keep corporate patents in place indefinitely, keeping prices high, and removing competition from emerging companies.  Thus, corporations and global banks now are allowed to subsume the  power of the sovereign laws of nations.

All of this has led to a national discontent fueling what I have referred to in my books and newsletters as “the second American Revolution”, astrologically predicted by the Pluto/Uranus square.  The two candidates that epitomized this revolutionary enthusiasm are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton did not reflect this movement, was “demonized” by scandals, and the Democrats, who forgot their populist positions many years ago, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  By not nominating Sanders, plus Trump's appeal to the most disgruntled,  unemployed or underemployed who are willing to blame Muslims, African Americans, immigrants , Hispanics, etc. for their fate, Democrats not only lost the presidency, but both houses of Congress.

Donald Trump now has a mandate to move away from his divisive rhetoric, fix the trade agreements, reduce the corporate income tax but get rid of the loopholes, and encourage manufacturing to return to America.  He seems to have no position at all with regard to the massive deregulation of banks and the global derivatives trade.  The direction he is now taking with his appointments suggests a huge backwards direction in racial and ethnic equality and civil rights.  Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon, a white nationalist, is to be his Chief Strategist and Senior Council.  Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a long time racist, is his pick for Attorney General.  Billionaire Betsy DeVos, his pick for Secretary of Education is a long-time proponent of tax dollars going to private education and has publicly proclaimed that teachers make “too much money”.  Interestingly, her brother is the infamous Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, a private right-wing contractor using mercenaries and elite militias in the Iraq war.  We are currently observing that Trump's campaign rhetoric has stimulated a whole array of white supremacist groups who may plague our nation during his time in office.

Hopefully, he will backtrack on leaving NATO and allying with Russia under Putin, modifying these positions and familiarizing himself with the complexities of the Middle Eastern wars, global alliances, the war on ISIS, etc.  He will be forced to step back from his stance of encouraging more drilling on the part of our oil and gas companies by getting rid of environmental mandates, claiming  that global climate change is “ bogus.”   The biggest immediate issues for him currently are his multiple world-wide businesses that could pose a major “conflict of interest” for the President of the U.S. and may still not be cleared up by January.  I will discuss the inauguration chart in my January issue of this newsletter.  Dec. 13th, the Full Moon is right on his Sun/Moon opposition which could shed light on some of his positions.   He will be the president and deserves a chance to clarify who he is and what directions he will take.

What Now? (The Economy)

As I have presented in my forecasts so many times, 2017 will be a year of worldwide economic reckoning.  Sovereign wealth funds of nations all over the world, including the U.S. are threatened by massive debt accumulations accompanied by threats to the value of their currencies.   Our obsession with “data analytics”, such as the ones associated with the polls for this election will likely fail due to a multitude of “black swans”.  I foresee the European Union breaking up; many global banks moving into “receivership”, derivatives trades tumbling down into a “black hole”, all as Saturn reaches the center of the galaxy at 27 – 29 degrees of Sagittarius and then moves into Capricorn.  Without exception, this placement has led to financial market crashes and either recession or depression (examples:  1929, 1987, and Pluto's transit there in 2007-2008).   I will go into more detail on this in my January newsletter.

This month will actually present hopeful signs in the economy and new highs on Wall Street, with Mars, Venus,  Jupiter, and Saturn lining up in harmonious positions.  Interest rates will likely go up this month in response to this.  Do not be fooled.  Next year's massive fluctuations (huge lows and highs) which will result in a final crash in Oct. through Dec. 2017, will not be for the fainthearted.  I am encouraging people to take their profits this month and move into “safety” positions with their investment accounts which indicates avoiding stocks and bonds.  I also favor Federal Credit Unions over traditional banks.  With the coming currency crises (especially in April 2017), some positions in gold right now, while prices are low, may be advisable. It would also be wise to “stash your cash”.  Crazy optimism has preceded crashes over and over again.

There is also an emerging movement for “digital currency”, ultimately removing private cash transactions from the commons, which I think is being considered by the Feds and the big banks from “behind the scenes.”   This notion  has been on a global financial agenda for a long time..   Support for this idea is that it would get rid of criminal networks (cash-exchanging drug cartels ) and multiple tax evasions.  The government of India is attempting something like this and their people are strongly protesting this as they have a huge black market cash economy.    I do not think the powers-that-be will be able to implement this notion in the immediate future , even though digital transactions are going on all the time from people's computers and smart phones.  A major downside to this idea it that it would enable hackers or people in powerful positions that do “not like us” to erase us from existence.  Most certainly “Big Brother” would be in charge of our lives in ways we would fear to contemplate.  We already know that America is in serious financial trouble.  Currently, we are in a stock market and real estate “bubble.”    Twenty-five nations have struck deals to trade outside the dollar (China and Russia leading the way).  Social Security is in trouble because of the demographics (not because  it has anything to do with the national debt as it is financed through FICA payments),  and it is not widely known that 47% of the people in the US are net recipients of money from the government.  In addition one third of all US government assets are student loans, many of which will not be paid due to low employment or under-employment for many college graduates.  At the present time, the FDIC has only about $200 Billion to cover any large scale disaster in the banking industry.  A derivatives tsunami could wipe this out in a nanosecond.  Digital currency, paralleling paper currency for the time being, could be the Fed's emergency contingency.   I will discuss this in future newsletters.


Energy and the Environment:

I do not think nations will give up the use of fossil fuels and their ensuing damage to earth's climate until there is a “grand solution”, providing us with the huge amount of energy needed to support modern civilization.

Multiple times, I have referred to the “Holy Grail” of energy technology, and that is hydrogen nuclear fusion.  An article was published last month in “Business Insider” in their “Tech Insider” section announcing significant progress in this most important area.  They state:

“The fusion reactor everyone is anticipating is currently under construction in France.  It's called International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and could be the fusion reactor to lead a new era of clean energy.  Fusing atoms together generates energy but it takes a tremendous amount of energy to make the fusion happen in the first place.  Consequently, engineers have failed to build a fusion machine that generates more energy than it consumes, but ITER is the first machine designed to do just that.  If it succeeds, it could change the world.”

The Department of Energy says the US should fund ITER until 2018 and then re-evaluate its progress.  In America, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works is developing a compact fusion reactor small enough to fit in a truck, which could generate enough electricity to power 80,000 homes.  A fusion reactor in Germany began testing last December.  German engineers from the Max Planck Institute successfully activated an experimental nuclear fusion reactor and successfully managed to suspend plasma for the first time, which was reasonably priced compared to ITER, as it only took 19 years and $1.1 billion to build.

Many think that operational fusion power would put most other forms of electricity generation permanently out of business and could occur very soon.

As I have stated in previous newsletters, I think that nuclear fusion with a successfully designed infrastructure will end the age of fossil fuels and transform the world.  The other innovation that is nearly that profound is the design of the “perfect battery” that can store energy from the sun and wind.  Astrologically, this lines up with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius Dec. 2020 and Pluto going into Aquarius in 2024.

This month, the favorable aspects of Mars in Aquarius to Jupiter and Saturn could generate some real information with regard to medical inventions and tech breakthroughs.  Last month, it was announced that a cordless brain stimulating device was effective in helping paralyzed monkeys to walk for the first time.  We may be seeing more progress in these areas.

ISIS and the wars in Iraq and Syria:

Before Pres. Obama leaves office, I think real progress in defeating ISIS in Iraq will be acknowledged this month.  However, the war in Syria will likely be worse as Russia (Mars in Aquarius effecting their chart), will continue to bomb the major cities and effectively wipe out a large percentage of the population in their ongoing effort to defeat insurgents and restore the Assad administration.  There may actually be an opportunity for an agreement to stop this war under a Trump presidency in the months to come.  However, we will not know what price this will exact. Trump, when faced with the consequences, will likely not withdraw from the NATO alliance and will run into dark complexities communicating with Vladimir Putin, whose position may be to recreate the powers of the old Soviet Union to protect the boundaries around Russia.

Cuba and the Death of Fidel Castro:

(The chart I use is the Castro Communist take-over – January 21, 1959, 1:00 AM, Havana, Cuba).

 Pluto is transiting Cuba's 4th  House (homeland), just made an inconjunction to it's Uranus when Castro died, and is square it's Ascendant throughout 2017.  Saturn is hitting its 3rd House Mercury (communication) this month and will return to its natal Saturn in Dec. 2017.  The reorganization of this nation will be slow and difficult.  Castro was a “father figure” to his people and those of us who never lived in this nation have little understanding of the loyalty they felt to him.  Eventually, within the next 3 years, Pluto will sextile Jupiter in their second house (finances) and help them develop a market economy and emerge out of their exile.  There is evidence that young people there are ready for this.  It is important that the U.S. continue to encourage the process of opening up, release people there who have been in prison for expressing dissent, and slowly move toward contact with the rest of the world.  

Final Thoughts:

When this election took place, I was “swamped” with emails and phone calls.  Many people discussed the possibility of moving to Canada or elsewhere rather than face a Trump presidency.   My response is that this may be the greatest opportunity we have ever had to clarify where we stand in this nation concerning:  1) civil and human rights, 2) the distribution of economic wealth and power, 3) multiple U.S. military engagements, and 4) ending the age of fossil fuels and reversing climate change.  This may be the largest “wake up call” in our lifetimes and we need not squander it by allowing ourselves to be victimized, running away, or retreating into exile and nursing our wounds. 

We the People, whatever our politics, need to engage in critical thinking about the issues of our times.  We need to register our protests, join organizations committed to our concerns, share our views and observations by writing about them, not just by tweeting or ranting on Facebook, but through extensively examining the news media and what we “have been told” throughout this most painful period.  I truly believe if we have been “conned” or “sold a bill of goods” during this election, there will be dark consequences to those responsible.  If not, we will find that out within the next four year period.

Meantime, I am of the opinion that we would be best served to open up and listen to each other.  Hate- mongering is the worst response and has resulted historically in major national and international disasters.  We are now immersing ourselves in the joys of  the season of Hanukkah and Christmas.  This involves moving into the light of understanding, accompanied by respect and appreciation for one  other, regardless of our race, nation of origin, or political position.  It is the season of miracles, victories, and hope everlasting.  We need to acknowledge the divine presence within ourselves that can illuminate, embrace, and transform our presence on earth and our experience of life itself.

A very peaceful, rewarding, and happy Holiday Season to all!

Linda Schurman



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