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"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  .....from Hamlet by Shakespeare


June 2017




Important Points of Reference for Astrologers:

Full Moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius conjunct Saturn and trine/sextile the Nodes on June 9; New Moon at 2 degrees Cancer conjunct Mercury on June 23; Mars goes into Cancer June 5setile Venus on June 8, is trine Neptune on the 25th and will oppose Pluto on June 2; Venus enters Taurus on June 5, is sextile  Neptune and inconjunct Jupiter on the 19th, and is trine Pluto on the 23rd; Mercury enters Gemini June 7th and is trine Jupiter and square Neptune on the 13th and is sextile Uranus on the 19th.



Pluto and the concentration of wealth and power:  Follow the Money

Since the 2016 presidential election, this nation has witnessed upheavals and instabilities that boggle the mind.  The major issues that drove the campaigns i.e. jobs, healthcare, equality of opportunity, have been swirling around the media responding to a “shape shifting” White House that broadcasts that it has kept its promise and is accomplishing everything.  Mercury (communication) in Gemini will sextile Uranus on the 19th bringing many issues to light.

The president’s suspected collaboration with Russia is now out in the open and a full-fledged investigation has been launched.  Pres. Trump’s order to ban all Muslims from entering the country has been, so far, circumvented by the courts.  His speech in Saudi Arabia, like every other president in recent memory, lauded our relationship with the Sunni Saudis, criticized “extremist” terrorism (Isis and the 9/11 attackers were Sunni Muslims and Saudis), further polarized us from Iran (a Shia nation and long enemy of both ISIS and the Saudis).  Keeping Muslims “out of our country” has been put aside for the Saudis who have, ironically, been the primary financial contributors to these same terrorists all over the world.  Why?   Follow the money and it takes you to our ongoing support of Plutocratic big oil. There is no “departure” from the past here.  Trump, on the other hand, was critical of our NATO alliance friends that have been an alliance ensuring security since the end of WWII.  Why?  Trump sees Russia as our “friend”; especially since he has financial connections there.  Recently, information was released to the press that Russian government officials discussed “derogatory” information about Trump.  One source claims it is financial in nature.

 The Syrian civil war is still raging.  As I predicted last month that there would likely be military engagements in May, we launched air strikes on Assad supporters in Syria.  ISIS continues to threaten governments throughout the region of the Middle East, and we are all too close to a military entanglement with No. Korea.

Although “official” unemployment figures are down, chronic unemployment remains.  The recent Princeton study showed that 94% of all jobs added to the economy over the past decade are temporary, part time, or contract jobs.  The core issues around employment have not changed and automation continues to replace people.  Trump’s proposed tax cuts for giant corporations and billionaires would threaten to break the federal budget; thus, his current health care bill passed by the House basically raises insurance costs through the roof for anybody with a pre-existing condition, which is over half of our entire population and about 86 per cent for those over 60 years old.

Trump’s budget proposal slashes and burns programs to the elderly, children and the destitute and, most importantly, it cuts Medicaid benefits targeting the poorest citizens and could present us with a series of ongoing crises with the elderly in nursing homes.  This bill literally potentially obliterates most of the government money going to assist those who cannot afford health insurance.  On top of everything else, Obamacare is about to implode without additional funding.  What we have on the table is “reverse Robin Hood” money going from the poor to the rich who are already the richest class in world history.   Most members of the Senate have announced that this budget is “dead on arrival.”  The question arises as to how much of the bill they will retain.

Although there was a brief sell-off on Wall Street when the announcement came out that a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate Trump campaign’s connection to Russia, the stock market has had a heyday rising to new highs and investors are smacking their lips anticipating Trump’s projected tax cuts that, historically, have never ever worked to increase jobs.  As I predicted in last month’s newsletter, the markets did come down later in the month.   So far, the scandals encircling Trump are inhibiting legislation getting passed.

Pres. Trump, who was supposed to be a Populist champion for the people-at-large has turned out policies to enrich himself and his pals on Wall Street and the trans-national global corporations, while continuing the hate campaign against immigrant populations.  Pluto in Capricorn is reminding us that the old cry of rich capitalists that we dare not “redistribute wealth” is witnessing the wealth being redistributed to themselves.  If you follow the money, it defies gravity and is in the “trickle up” mode.

An article was published last month on Alternet by Steven Rosenfield entitled “Trump Would Sell Off America’s Energy Resources for a Pittance, Like Russia did to create Its Oligarchs.”  He writes: “President Trump’s 2018 budget and executive orders could lead to some of the biggest land grabs since America’s Teapot Dome scandal (under Pres. Warren Harding) in the 1920’s and Russia’s natural resource giveaways that created many oligarchs in the 1990s.”  He is referring to the fact that these oligarchs acquired what were the former Soviet Union’s energy and mineral resources on the cheap and “privatized” what were once public assets to make their fortunes.  Trump is looking to do something similar in the U.S. enriching his friends by privatizing our public assets tapping into equity in trillions of dollars in government held (now public) energy and mineral resources as a way to pay down the federal debt and sell our assets “on the cheap” to enrich his friends in some of America’s corporations.  This would include selling off about one half of our strategic petroleum reserves.  If this is done, prices could skyrocket for the public and destroy the commons.

Pres. Trump’s speech at the recent NATO meeting was revealing in that he continued to criticize this alliance which we have held since the end of WW II to essentially protect us and Western Europe, from Russia’s expansionary and military dominance.  Angela Merkel is now being touted as “the leader of the free world.”   NATO troops have more recently fought with the U.S. in Afghanistan.   We know that Trump openly revealed secrets to a Russian delegation last month, involving protections against terrorism that were given to him in confidence by Israel.  His son-in-law, Jared Kushner is now officially under investigation by the FBI for his connections with Russia.  It has been revealed to the press that Russian government officials discussed “derogatory” information about Trump before the 2016 election and some say it is financial in nature.  The question looms:  What do the Russians have on Pres. Trump?  An educated “guess” is that he is in financial trouble (will not release his tax returns).  He borrowed a lot of money from Deutche Bank and has not paid them back.   We know, on some level, he has been dealing financially with the Russians. It seems the president is imitating the tactics of the oligarchs and befriending Russia while insulting and endangering our allies.  Is this what the American public voted for?   


Shockingly, the president recently made a comment that he did not know “why we fought the Civil War.”  He mentioned that Pres. Andrew Jackson could have prevented it, when historians know that Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War began.  Pres. Trump admits he does not read books and has little or no knowledge of history.  George Santayana’s famous quote comes into play here: “If you do not understand history, you are doomed repeat it.”  Most other U.S. presidents have been ardent students of history.  All of this points to a single focus that this president has, since it is all he has ever done, and that is to make money for the global elite, which includes himself.

Many people have asked me if Pres. Trump will be impeached.  We know that his astrological chart is taking the “hit” by the August 21st Solar Eclipse and some people think this marks an end to his presidency.  Although this eclipse is tough on the president, I am not that sure that this will happen.  Transiting Uranus is still harmonizing with his Ascendant.   The Democrats who oppose Trump in Washington, with the exceptions of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are extremely weak, self-absorbed, and have been embedded with “banksters” and lost their original populist origins.  Many of the Republicans sold out decades ago to anti-science religious extremism  “ American style” and are essentially bought out by billionaires.  Astrology points to the rising of themes and issues in timely ways but there are no “absolutes”.  It remains to be seen if Republicans will put patriotism before party and I have my doubts.  However, the investigations around Russia will continue to uncover a lot of unsavory behavior.  The question looms.  Is it illegal and impeachable?  It is possible that Trump may exit office in another way.  The astrological chart for the 2017 Inauguration is filled with intrigue, scandal, and confusion.  By the end of this year, the economy will take a “hit.”  This may be the deciding factor. 



Who is Pluto anyway?

Pluto is the ancient god of the underworld who is famous for his theft, kidnappings, secretly stored wealth and presiding over the crossing from life to death.  He is most widely known for precipitating crises and “making deals” with people.  Interestingly, in the ancient world people used to visit grave yards and have “talks” with Pluto, bringing him gifts in turn for making their lives richer and their deaths easier.

The deals he often makes are Faustian in nature – I will make you rich if you promise me your soul.  He uses fear tactics compelling people to “kill off” their competition for, according to Pluto, they will likely kill you first if you do not act.  He is the puppeteer, “the boss”, the Godfather of Mafia fame, the oligarch, the dictator.  He is very tricky, deceptive, and will out- smart you at every turn if you believe his “pitch”.  The public Pluto can hide behind charisma and charm – is highly seductive and is capable of promising wealth and pleasure beyond belief.  The problem with these “deals” is that you really cannot “back out” without losing everything, including your life itself.

It is no accident that many of the people in power today are referred to as “Plutocrats”.  The age- old  techniques for exercising dominance and control have not really changed, but today’s internet/television/social media inject their propaganda and lies with steroids.  By the end of this month through July 3rd, Mars in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn; thus, the battle between the people-at-large and the powers-that-be may become “explosive.”  This is a very violent aspect and will affect the U.S. directly.



The Economy:

As I have discussed many times in this newsletter, the invested money in the U.S. is concentrated within three huge mutual funds and within the hedge funds and accounts of the giant banks.  This gives these institutions the power to manipulate the stock and commodity markets more than ever before in modern history.  We are currently in a stock and real estate “bubble” similar to 1987 and 2007.  The amount of sovereign debt in the U.S., the nations of the European Union, Japan, and China is staggering.  Deutsche Bank , the biggest bank in Europe, is in the “red”.  As I talked about in my March newsletter, there are currency crises that accompany all of this.  China is no longer trading in the dollar and is using the yuan, its own currency.  The U.S. dollar has been falling in value.  China and Russia are “loading up” on gold to back their respective currencies, yet, few people are paying attention to this.  The metals markets have been so obviously manipulated by big banks, that many have turned to investing in  Bitcoin, the alternative “block chain” internet currency has been rapidly gaining in value.

Major predictive cycles including the famous Kondrtieff Cycle, the Juglar Cycle, the Kitchin Cycle, and the astrological cycles (especially this transit of Saturn positioned at the center of the galaxy) all point to a severe depression cycle that lies ahead.  The August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo points to a “peak” and the period between October and December presents a bear market “correction” and economic recession.   

My job as an astrologer is to encourage people to make safety plays in this environment.  Tech giants Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, and Apple have been driving the exchanges up.  I underestimated the power of the financial cartels to control the stock market, in spite of bad news for giants like IBM, GE, Ford, General Motors, Sears, and JP Penny; along with declining auto sales and the projected closing of retail stores and shopping malls around our nation, causing the vacating of massive amounts of commercial real estate and projected layoffs of workers.  Without decent paying jobs, enormous personal debts incurred from credit cards and college loans, and feelings of displacement because of the high cost of housing, the buying power of younger generations is already in a significant decline.  There is a decline in individual picking of stocks and a move toward emphasizing mutual funds and centralized control on Wall Street.  There is also less human supervision over all this, turning things over to computers.  The “bubble” market is a dangerous location to be in and I would not worry about getting out too soon.



Foreign Relations:

Russia is laughing all the way to the bank as “out of control” Pres. Trump reveals classified information to them, thumbing his nose at all the investigations of his campaign collaborating with Russian hacksters – all after firing James Comey, who Trump referred to as a “nut job.”  Comey will be testifying before the Congress.   Congress is getting fed up with Trump’s love affair with Putin (the world’s richest oligarch).    Trouble is brewing here, this month into July and August.  The August Lunar and Solar Eclipses last occurred in 1998 when Russia’s currency crashed, bringing down a giant hedge fund in the U.S.  Here we are again, engaged in a controversy about Russia.  History rhymes.

Brazil (chart used, Sep. 7, 1822) is in the middle of one of the largest corruption scandals in its history.  After impeaching its previous president, it is in the midst of impeaching the present one as the justice system has uncovered massive theft and money laundering in oil infrastructure building projects that went into the pockets of the present administration.  This has all led to their recent stock market crash.  Both eclipses in August are hitting this chart.  The Lunar Eclipse August 7th   hits the North Node and the full Solar Eclipse August 21st hits the Descendant of its natal chart.  In addition, Neptune continues its opposition to their Natal Sun this year and through the end of next year, presenting confusion and uncertainty as who can or will lead the nation.

Venezuela (chart used, Sep. 22, 1830) will take the Aug. 21st Solar Eclipse on their Saturn (leadership and authority) that is inconjunct their Mars in Pisces (oil).  Low oil prices combined with political upheavals and populist revolts will continue to plague this nation.  Goldman Sachs is under scrutiny for a Venezuelan bond deal it made back in 2014.   Saturn will cross this nation’s Ascendant and trine its Saturn in November.  This, along with Jupiter going into Scorpio making favorable contacts with Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus may give this nation some long needed assistance at that time.

No. Korea is getting worse and building up into something even more dangerous by the August – October period as Venus, Mercury and Mars all transit Virgo, crossing last year’s eclipse degrees.   

China has announced its new massive “Silk Road” trading infrastructure project including a super train system across continents.  The Communist Government there owns everything and is financing this, along with its empty space-age city that is unoccupied, with massive borrowing.  It was announced in May that China’s credit rating has been cut for the first time in 25 years.  Although China is the world’s second largest economy and is competing with the U.S. to take over as the number one super power, these debts will eventually take their toll.  The leadership there has recognized that they can no longer evade doing something about No. Korea, but what that will be is still a mystery.  Mars entering the sign of Cancer this month through the end of July is adverse to China’s Libra Sun, shaking their resolve to stay on the sidelines.   Mars is the ancient God of War.

Saudi Arabia is in a long decline as the price of petroleum moves down.  Pres. Trump’s recent visit further solidified the U.S. continuation of arms being sold to them and our historic alliance with them in the region, reinforcing the petrodollar.  They are making some attempts to change their nation’s economic infrastructure and are interested in manufacturing cars, since they will simply “go broke” if they don’t do something.  They, and the other Gulf nations would be wise to emulate Dubai and create massive amounts of solar panels that, in their hot desert environment, could power the whole region.    Pluto’s transit suggests that they will either drastically change their economy and social paradigms or will self-destruct.  This month’s transit of Mars in Cancer through early July is shaking them up.

In Iraq, the war against ISIS is speeding up this month.  The currently troubled government there is still heavily dependent upon the U.S. for its existence.



The Environment:

Really bad news:  Last month at the Hanford, Washington nuclear site (used for making atomic bombs during the Cold War) a large tunnel containing an enormous amount of waste collapsed and a leak formed.  This site contains Plutonium, the most toxic substance known to humanity.  There has been no EPA or government response to this in a Trump administration that has tied the hands of all regulatory agencies.    

Really good news:  On May 16th, an article by Lorraine Chow of “Ecowatch” on Buzzflash at Truthout was published entitled: “How Best to Rid the World’s Oceans of Plastic”.  She writes: “The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch foundation aiming to eliminate ocean plastic, unveiled Thursday a major design update to its highly vaunted cleanup system and announced that the technology will be deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the first half of 2018, two years ahead of schedule.  Boyan Slat, the 22-year-old founder and CEO of the nonprofit, said at a presentation in the Netherlands that a ‘technological breakthrough’ has allowed the project to be cheaper and more effective than originally anticipated.  According to Fast Company, instead of the initial estimates of removing 42 percent of the trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; over 10 years at a cost of $320 million, the young inventor hopes to remove 50 percent of total trash within five years at a cost ‘significantly less’ than $320 million.”  It would be worth your time to read the article in its entirety.  What so many people do not know is that many nations, entrepreneurs, and organizations are coming up with solutions that may implement the greatest environmental cleanup in history.

I am reading the book “Drawdown (Game On)” by environmentalist Paul Hawken who, after three years of research and consulting 70 scholars, has written a work that focuses on “fixing instead of fighting” our current system that has produced the major economic and environmental crises we face today.

Weather watch!  This month, with Mars transiting Cancer from June 5th through July 20th, there will likely be significant flooding of the major rivers across the middle of our nation. 



Final Thoughts:

We are living in a time filled with such an array of enormous challenges that it is tempting to “check out” or ignore the information thrown at us from all directions.  Critical thinking is necessary, more than ever before, to discern what is really truth as opposed to deceptive propaganda.  The terms “cognitive dissonance” or “normalcy bias” have been coined to describe the phenomena of escaping into a kind of pretense that if we “ignore it, it will go away.” 

This newsletter is dedicated to both exposing truths and digging for solutions, for without the dedication and willingness to sort it all out, we will doom ourselves to extinction.  There are signs everywhere that people are waking up and summoning the intelligence and passion that may produce a renaissance in the 21st Century that has not been seen since the one that began in the 15th Century.  These efforts are being made from the “grass roots” and evokes the ancient prophecy: “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

I am excited and privileged to be in the process of co-authoring a book with Chicago financial analyst and marketing consultant, Richard Spitzer, who has developed and marketed new macro-level analytics and trend analyses for the overall economy and the financial markets.  We are targeting what we think are the timely themes and issues and important new directions and solutions that are with us now and may lie ahead.   We hope to be published by September and I will keep you informed of our progress.  We both feel compelled to step up to the plate and contribute something to the future of humanity, lending a new purpose and meaning to our lives, and giving back to the miracle that somehow gifted us with life here on this magnificent planet.   

Stay tuned!


Linda Schurman



"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part,  I am willing to know the whole truth;  to know the worst;  and to provide for it."  .....Patrick Henry


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